The E of Everything : An inside look of Miracle Vitamin E

Have you ever wondered the signficance and the many wonders of the letter E?
The three most important words in the English language begins with the word E : Everything , Everywhere & Everyone.

An all encompassing letter, it’s hard or almost next to impossible to frame a sentence without the letter “E” in it.

ABCD – “E” 

On a lighter note, even back in Kindergarten, when they started off the alphabets with ABCD, I used to wonder what’s next? Why not ABCDE instead of just ABCD?

Such is the importance of this omnipresent letter, “E”. The letter E is not only an important letter in the English language but also a vital Vitamin and it’s none other than  Vitamin E!

The Curse of Aging !

Aging is a natural process of both the skin and the body. When the body and skin intakes oxygen, we are also exposed to free radicals. This free radicals increases the “aging” rate process . Also a reason why some young people may appear to be old and weak , while in some cases even a relatively older guy may look very young .
With no surprises, Vitamin E is the main item that contains abundance of antioxidant elements and effectively reduces the aging process. 

The miracle Vitamin E

One of the most powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E has several benefits that includes some life saving ones too.You may have everything present in correct proportions, but only the presence of Vitamin E will give you the healthy life, that you always desired.
Though we have anti aging creams, anti wrinkle creams etc, the only effective ingredient that can prevent aging (to a certain extent) is a Vitamin E solution , be it a capsule or a naturally found product.
These are generally found in products such as Sunflower Oil, Almonds, Walnuts, BeetRoot, Green Leafy vegetables, Peanuts, Peanut Butter and Pumpkins too. 
I’d also recommend a general dosage of Evion supplements for the perfect nutrition (#Evion)

The  E of my Life

So how did Vitamin E played a major way in shaping the way I am? 

To start with, all along my childhood i was comparitively a thin guy and frequently was prone to illness, fever, cold , muscle soreness. Ulcers was quite a visitor almost every alternate week. In addition to it pimples, marks , minor hair fall were also some common problems I kept facing. Despite trying out all medicines, treatments and so forth, I got  to discover that the major problem I faced was in fact a basic deficiency of Vitamin E

A Vitamin E Transformation

I decided to change certain things in my lifestyle. Coupled with a good balanced nutritious meal and proper workout in the gym (atleast five times a day) , I started taking a regular intake of Vitamin E through various sources. This included

  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Avacado (Butter Fruit)
  • Evion Supplements (to meet the min required Vitamin E dosage)
  • and some cheese occassionally for a cheat meal

Though this may not be the a sole reason for a major transformation  , I can positively trace most of it to the effects of Vitamin E .  Right from clearing my skin of any marks, pimples, the Vitamin E intake boosted my face with a fair glowing skin

In addition, my health started restoring to a fantastic fitness level.  While boosting the fat burning process, I could feel the cells being regenerated (Vitamin E apparently aids in growth hormones production). Lifting weights was more easier and I could see the muscle development a faster process than I could even imagine

On an immunity level, falling sick was became a rarity , if not never. Except for the seasonal cold, all through the past decade, sickness wasn’t something I never dealt it, quite thankfully.

So don’t ignore this miracle Vitamin and ensure you don’t lack in this area 🙂
For more benefits and information about Vitamin E, do check out the #Evion site as well :

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