Person of Interest with Bose QC35 Wireless II

 Year 2018.  Person of Interest Season X – Episode 01 

Wireless A Day, Saves The Day

Prelude : An artificial intelligence system has been succesfully built into my Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless II Headphones. The AI “Machine” predicts the next crime that’s going to happen in the city and informs me through the wireless gadget. 

6.00 AM :  Deep inside my ears, I’m gently stirred by a slight whistling noise that seems to be increasing in frequency every passing minute. The alarm set through my Google Assistant has done its job by activating my Bose QC 35 Wireless II. I must have dozed off last night, along with the headphones, while listening to some melodious music. A voice inside the headphones announces : “It’s time to save the day”.

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8.00 AM : I prepare myself for  the day ahead and  plug back my action device , the QC35. The same friendly voice comes back with a greeting. I reply saying”Call me an Uber from Home to Control Station”. The device understands my voice commands, fires up the Uber App and within 4 minutes a luxury SUV stands outside my residence. In less than 40 minutes ,  I reach my control station. 
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9.00 AM : The QC35 system, still safely encapsulated in my head, connects with the AI Machine and begins the next crime prediction. I enter my voice command password.
Within minutes, I get the next hit. The QC35 calmly announces, your next “Target” to save is a banker. The system has been able to capture chatter in the internet, that a bank may been robbed while targeting a specific banker who knows the codes to the locker.
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10:00 AM : Without wasting anytime, I pack myself with the required ammo , check for the safety lock and place the gun in my hidden holster.  I reach the bank thanks to the shortcut directions from Google Maps being announced through my headphones. I silently make an entrance to the bank. I try to survey the bank for the nearest entrance and exits, possible places to hide and vantage points during a possible battle. 
11:00 AM: The looks around me are quite suspicious, wondering why a guy in a dark suit hovering around the bank for nearly an hour with no purpose. Little do they know of the possible upcoming events that may unfold during the day. 
To remain calm and patient, the QC35 is playing my favourite playlist to make me remain calm . The “Noise cancellation” feature helps me to focus on the task ahead than getting disturbed by the noise of the crowd and more annouyingly the announcing token machines.
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12:00 Noon : With no signs of any possible “activity” , I slowly lose hope and begin to feel a little restless. Within passing moments, I sense three men barging into the bank, guns dangling in the air, locking the entrance doors behind them. I give a deep smile, it’s finally time to act.
The three men goes about threatening everybody , fires some empty bullets into the air for everyone to be silent. They identify the banker somehow magically and goes for him. They keep a gun on his head , directs him to the nearest locker and asks him to unlock. Before he could press the panic button, they swiftly push him into the ground and demands to unlock the lockers.
1.00 PM : The songs in my QC 35 still plays the heavy metal music in my ears and I wait patiently. You always need to wait for the right moment to strike. As expected, quite predictably, two of the men head along with the banker, while a third gunman is pointing his gun towards the general crowd.
I quickly move to the side of him (hiding behind two others) for him to not notice my crawling movements. The QC 35 stops playing the music automatically and calmly announces, its time.
I slowy raise my Silencer fitted Stun gun and fire a quick couple of rounds to him. Within a split second, the man falls to his feet , completely knocked out, still breathing. 
I ask for the public to remain in the same position, to not panic or do anything suspicious, else the rest two will be alerted. I move near him, secure his gun and push him to the side of the wall.
I head upstairs to the perfect vantage point and place my aim to the center of the bank.
1.30PM : The two men, along with the banker comes back with a big bundle of money in a huge sack. Coming back to the center, they find the third person is missing but the crowd is still remaining in feet. Once again, the QC35 now having interconnected with the security cameras, identifies the right time to take action. The music stops and in a moment of stillness, it comes back alive and says “It’s time”. Lifting the aim, I fire my stungun at the two gunmen in quick succession. They fall to the feet , unconscious , without knowing what actually hit them.
2.00PM: The police siren starts approaching in a loud way . Find three gunmen lying unconsciously , they find themselves quite surpried at a possible crime scene. Dragging the three gunmen back to the police precinct, they look upto me and waves a silent acknowledgement.
The machine’s voice comes alive through the QC35 and announces  
“Your mission is now complete. Head back to control station” for further instructions.
Detecting unnoticed, I head back through the exit back to control center. 
The Bose QC 35 indeed helped to save the day ! 

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless II headphones

 The Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless II headphones is a futuristic headphone, from the guys at Bose. With a world class noise cancellation technology, it also comes integrated with Google Assistant. You can play music, receive texts and get all your answers ,without even glancing at your phone for a second. 
The multi-function button accesses your phone’s default virtual assistant, be it Google Assistant for Android users or Siri for iOS users. 
You can use it easily for 20 hours(Almost an entire day nonstop) for wireless listening without charge,

Do check out the Bose India page for detailed tech specs and purchasing information

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