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Snapchat Tips and Tricks

Snapchat is the means of sharing photo or video with captions and various kinds of special filters.There’s another feature of adding snapstory which can be your picture or a small video which can be shared with a selected number of friends or can be made public, which exists for 24 hours and then disappears. So here’s a simple guide to master the app with top 10 Snapchat tricks .

Three-Way Face Swap

Snapchat now has a new feature of three—way face swap rather than just two. Two person face swap is simple than three-way face swap which is difficult to gain perfection. Try it out with three friends to stand fully in the frame. Clicking this picture horizontally would help you get a clear picture. After taking positions just find the face swap app and see how it works. In case there’s some problem with the picture try to close and reopen the app and try it out with different lights.

3way face swap snapchat


It often happens that while moving around you use snapchat there appears a filter having name and place of the location you are moving around. This is snapchat’s geofilters which can be self-designed. You can use snapchat geofilter site and there is this step-by-step process of creating your own geofilter covering a specific area. The city can have a number of geofilters and they are also present for parties and other such events for a given cost and time.

You can use two filters at the same time in snapchat by simply swiping over your photo as you normally would to add the first filter and then, hold down on the screen with one finger and carefully swipe over the photo with another finger to add the second filter. This may take several tries to position your fingers correctly, but the result is using two filters simultaneously.

You can very easily change the name that your friends see in the chat. Just tap the hamburger menu in the upper-left hand corner to get a quick look at your contact’s Snapchat score and Snapcode.

Using emojis to add extra colour to your phone.

As you can use the app’s emoji stickers to add some oomph and glam to your photos. You can do it by choosing one with the desired color and increase its size (by zooming with two fingers) so it takes up the whole screen and the edges begin to pixelate. Then, drag the pixelated area over the frame to make it look like a filter.

Decode and change the emoji in your friend list as well

This app though will probably never bring back best friends, but its friend emoji offer a fun look at how you interact with your contacts on Snapchat. Hidden in the app’s “additional services” menu within the settings, you can also find everything you need to know about this feature. The menu even offers an explanation of what each character means as for example, the difference between the red heart and yellow heart and allows you to change them to customize the emoji for each designation.

You can pin an emoji on a moving target

You need to record a video focusing on an object which is moving. After you are done with the recording tap the emoji icon present at the top of preview screen and from there select the one you want. Resize it before pinning it and then tap and hold the emoji in order to drag it over the moving target. After this hold it over the object for a moment or few, and you are done. Snapchat will now reload the video along with the emoji. Different Android Tutorials present online can help you here.

You can edit a snap in memories in order to access old community geofilter

When someone saves a Snap to their memories then along with it many other geofilters which are available at the time are saved too. You can access those community geofilters while going back to edit your snap. You just need to press and hold on the snap and tap the pencil icon in order to edit the snap. Edit your snap and then swipe left to access other community geofilters which were available at the time when you took the snap. After this tap Done to save the changes and swipe down to get back to memories. You can also create your own custom geofilter.

There are many more hidden facts and tricks for snapchat users which is really fun to experience while exploring them. You can have a totally different look towards snapchat if you get to know these features and their use. Also there are innumerable Android Tutorials present which can help you develop an app like Snapchat.

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