Rajdhani Food Festival – An Ode to Mangoes (Aamlicious)

I was invited to a special preview of the Aamlicious festival , held every summer in the famous Rajdhani restauant. A 2 month event, celebrating with mangoes as the central theme, between Apr-June, you get to see a completely refreshed themed menu. So here’s a detailed account of Radjhani festival menu of Aamlicious.

Rajdhani Food Menu – Aamlicious Festival

Initially I was hoping to see 3-4 items in the menu comprising of items made out of mangoes, but what surprised me was that, the entire menu centered out of it. Be it a Dhokla or a subji or a dessert, it was a mango based item. You’d naturally wonder if some point of time, if it might be a little too sweet or probably saw enough of mangoes. But it turned out to be completely opposite.

With a careful balance of sweet, sour and spicy , this definitely turned out to be a delightful meal. I never had the faintest clue, that one can come up with so many varieties of dishes , all made from mango.


Personal Favourites in Menu

Shahi Aam Dhokla , Kairi Panna, Aam ki Launji along with mini poori and khoba Roti
and of course the AamRas, that was poured in generous quantities, much to our liking

Rajdhani Mango Dhokla

They had flown the chef all the way from north and he obliged to click a pic along with the grand meal prepared for us.

 I happened to learn that all items were made in-house. Even the mangoes were obtained fresh from selected orchards that they had tie-ups with. This ensured no chemicals or preservatives were used while making and the organic flavour was retained completely. Do visit the restaurant and definitely try out the Aamlicious meal (available probably till late May-early june)

You can visit the below for more information

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