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Blog To Social – A WordPress Plugin Review

As a blogger, you may have had several drafts / unpublished posts in your WordPress editor and waiting for the right time to publish it . This should be done correctly, so as to ensure maximum visibility, more traffic and subsequently more impressions. If you had a blog marketing plugin, it would have made your life simpler for you. This post is about one such discovery of a wordpress plugin.

What is Social Media Marketing?

It’s not sufficient that you just publish the post alone. The post should be known to the public , your social media followers, Facebook friends and other group pages that can invite people to read the same. Only when the engagement of the post becomes higher, the blog can get more traffic and therefore more revenue. The process of promoting your blog and blog post through various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram is known as social media marketing
Not everyone can master this technique, as you certainly need a knack and an uncanny ability to know to market the right content, to the right audience at the right audience.

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Strategic Timing for Social Media Promotion

Promoting a post at odd hours or posting in irrelevant groups can never bring the blog traffic, that you always desired. Irrespective of how good the post is, unless its customized as per the channel and target audience , the blog post can just subside into one of the dark corners of the web, along with millions of other irrelevant content. Ever wondered why, some people seem to post only at specified hours of the day, like Sunday noons,late evening on a Saturday etc. This is when 80% of the internet users are quite active on the web and there’s more likely chance

Managing Blog Traffic Sources the easy Way

Without any doubt, social media is the key source of traffic to your blog/website ,apart from the traditional google search results. So its critical that you handle your biggest traffic source in the right way. However this could pose as a challenge, as you may not have the right resources, enough bandwidth and pertinent information to manage all your blog posts. Sharing it across different social media networks, customizing them as per user preference is another herculean task that can really consume a lot of time. Reason being , every social media site is different

  • Facebook is about sharing status, pictures, videos and engaging through comments, likes and emojis (either through self profile or FB page)
  • Twitter is about posting your blog link along with a short description not exceeding 140 characters
  • Pinterest is about sharing a blog link in the form of a board pin image that can be re-pinned across other’s walls

The list goes on… So unless you have the correct social media strategy to implement the right mix of communication and engagement for your blog post promotion, it can be a significant loss of opportunity. This is where a plugin called Blog2Social comes in and basically does everything for you.

Blog2Social – Blog Marketing Plugin for Social Media Automation

Blog2Social is a plugin available in WordPress platform, that allows you to customize/optimize/market your blogpost across social media channels automatically , as per the respective network’s specification. Acting like your digital blog assistant, Blog2Social actually does autoposting of your blogpost, scheduling them at the right time, adding the description/hashtags and mentions in the right format, that goes along with ever post.
So here’s what Blog2Social can do for you:
  •  AutoPosting : As soon as blog post is published, its automatically shared across multiple social media channels , as per specified frequency
  • Scheduling and Re-Posting : Blog2Social intelligently recommends the ideal time to share your blogpost in your profile pages, so as to ensure maximum page views/impressions. Additionally it reposts the link at a later time to further improve visibility and blog outreach. Resharing is a critical step, to be done in the right quantity in respective channels,so as to not spam users. All scheduling and reposting times can be done in the easy click of a button through the plugin settings
  •  Custom Posting Formats : As I had mentioned earlier, every social media channel follows its own content rules and formats. The plugin offers pre-defined formats(including #,@ and comments) for each channel and can be edited within the one page editor. It even offers custom formats to share pictures with hashtags and mentions across Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Managing Campaigns and Editorial Content : Different blog posts requires to be published at different intervals for selected campaigns. Blog2Social offers scheduling even one year in advance and dates/times can even be changed retrospectively.
  • Engagement, Reporting & Management  : Not only it helps in auto posting, but it also tracks engagement, replies, likes etc and gives you an analysis of the same.

List of Social Media Channels

The Blog marketing plugin, Blog2Social probably posts in every available social channel and these include :
Twitter, Facebook (profiles, pages and groups), Google+ (profiles, pages and groups) LinkedIn (profiles, pages), XING (profiles, pages and groups) Diigo, Delicious, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Medium, Torial and Reddit.
So all you gotta do is , write a post, sit back ,relax and enjoy while Blog2Social does the remainder of the work for you

The Blog2Social Plugin can be downloaded from WordPress here in the downloads page

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