Magic of Warmth – Moments defining Humanity

We are faced with a constant pressure to run faster every day to stay relevant. Yet, one should still take time to stop and look back at some of the glorious moments we have experienced. The little moments of kindness,help and love received in time of need is something greater than any wealth.
I feel a sense of gratitude and in permanent debt to people who have reached out to , especially at rock bottom. Irrespective of past enmity, caste/religious/gender differences the help offered without any expectations can truly be a heart melting moment. When I recollect such moments in life, I should mention the two instances where humanity won than the larger issue at hand. 

Humanity Gestures during December Floods

moments defining humanity chennai floods
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Do check out my previous post on this. A situation no one in the country might have seen. We have may witnessed heavy  rains and little bit of flooding in streets. But no city in the world can handle more than 500mm of rainfall in a single day. Chennai was faced with such a delirious situation and most ground floor houses were flooded, huts washed away. Several thousand people were stranded on streets without food, shelter or water. However at this moment, several volunteers mostly comprising youngsters came together to help. They rescued them from flooded houses, offered them shelter and food, when even money had no literal value at that moment. People of different religions gladly opened their door for others without even a slight sense of hesitation or fear. Even cinema theaters and a few malls offered the homeless to stay inside their complex until the situation became normal. I too received some timely help from a lot of people during this time and feel forever grateful.

Unification for a Cause : The Jallikattu Protest

moments defining humanity marina jallikattu protest

When the Supreme court came up with a ban on the Jallikattu sport,  several thousand youngsters in the state came together as one to protest peacefully. They all assembled in Marina Beach for days together and urged the government to repeal the ban. During this week long protest, people of all walks of society sat together and gave their voice for the support. The people in the protest offered food, water and support to fellow protesters in the crowd. They might have been foes in the day , but when it came to this, it was all for one mission and unity prevailed. Dozens of news channels covered many heart melting moments in these protests. Personally, unity among strangers for a cause is definitely a heart melting moment at any given time, when you experience the Magic of Warmth

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