Vivek’s Ltd – Walk the Talk with the CEO

Looking for a nice fun activity to do , I happened to stumble upon a ” Walk The Talk” meeting with the CEO of Vivek’s Limited. Vivek’s is one of the biggest retailers in South India and was a massive force in the home appliances, kitchen and large appliances segment. So when it was a chance to get to meet Vivek’s CEO in person it was a great opportunity not to miss out

The event coincided with the Great Vivek’s warehouse sale that happens once a year for three days in their large warehouse. The warehouse is 400,000 sqft + and divided into three sections. One for mobiles, another for home and kitchen needs while the other was for Large appliances like TV, Fridge and washing machine

The CEO, was kind enough to share his business thoughts, insights, the rise of retail and even how it will play out to be in the future. The story of the retail development in the country was actually an interesting thing to hear and he took more than 1.5 hours patiently explaining things to the people.

As he went about explaining the various finer aspects of retailing and service business, one cant wonder how a single man could have built a huge empire like this in such difficult times , esp in retail which is the facing the onslaught through online retailing . The surprising thing is , its still going strong with no signs of a downward trend and that’s actually a happy sight to see where brick and mortar stores are fighting tooth and nail to compete in this business

The only question we asked why isn’t the warehouse sale not opening through the year and happening just three days a year and people would only be very happy to come and purchase the same
For those of you, who are not aware, the Vivek’s Giant Warehouse Sale is happening from March 25-28th ‘ 2016 , in Manapakkam warehouse , behind DLF Chennai

Here are some of my clicks from the event :

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