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In the recent couple of years, the Indian mobile market has been flooded with new models from hundreds of brands trying to outdo each other. Every phone and model has an unique feature, that can be a critical deciding factor to choose that brand.

Phones are primarily classified in four segments : Budget , Mid-Range , Premium Smartphones and others
  • Budget phones range from 4000-8000
  • Mid-Range smartphones range anything from 9000-18000
  • Premium smartphones are any phone that are above the 20K bracket
  • “Others” are basically the ones who buys an Apple phone every time a new version is launched
 Though it is easy to select the category of smartphone you wish to purchase,based on your budget, its very difficult to select a good phone in that range. Every phone has a different OS version,hardware specification and features that gets updated everyday . So if you’re confused, you ain’t alone.
Hopefully this post would help you to select that fantastico phone you always desired
Some of the key features one should look for before considering a smartphone version are :
  • Good Battery Life with atleast 15-16 hours of talktime ( Phone battery should have a min capacity of 3000 mah)
  • IPS display with Gorilla glass for protection
  • Extendable memory card slot
  • HD camera with a min 13MP camera
  • Display should be within 4.7 – 5.5′
  • Support to upgrade to the latest version of Android as soon as it comes
  • Min 2GB RAM in the phone
  • Availability of Technical/Service centres
So from my experience in reviewing and handling several phones in the current market, here are some Fantastico phones that you’d definitely want to consider
  • Nexus 5X  : A beautiful phone, by Google,  this has all the features one wants in a phone. Its got a fantastic build, powerful hardware specs and of course a HD camera that other brands can only gape about. Though manufactured by LG, the Google brand name carries the phone single handedly. Nexus can definitely be a strong contender for the best phone in the market. Everything about the Nexus is great, right from the pure vanilla OS, smooth navigation system, fingerprint sensors and of course a fantastico quality build. A definite great buy for 20K !
  • Moto G3: Yet another phone backed by Google, the phone however is manufactured by Motorola in this case. The Moto G3 at a 11K price segment is definitely a steal when you compare the likes of Samsung, HTC and Nokia’s who can never match up to this specs at this price. 5’ screen with a 13MP camera, an expandable memory slot, Corning gorilla glass, Lollipop OS , water resistance protection and a neat 2GB RAM, you may wonder how did they even fit this phone within the 12K price segment.
  • OnePlus X / One Plus II  : With minor variance between the two models, OnePlus is a relatively new entrant to the mobile market , but managed to capture it in style. All their three launches 1/X/II were a massive hit and got sold out as soon as the invites were rolled out. The vibrant displays, high end hardware specs, stunning visuals and in depth clarity in camera, long lasting battery and of course a Fantastico design really sets it apart. Despite carrying a Chinese tag to it, it has managed to exert a premium brand association to it quite easily. A great choice for the 20K phone segment
  • Redmi 2 Prime : One of the best phones in the 5-7K segment, this phone from Xiaomi is a great choice for those budget conscious people and yet desires a phone with all features. Though not powerful like its successor, Xiaomi Mi4, Redmi has its own advantage in terms of look, price and usability. The Made in India sure has given a boost to its image as well, though designed in China
Of course ,if you are an Apple user , you probably dont know and don’t care about the technical specifications in it(or the lack of) and simply want to pay 60K every year to them. So  this one’s not for you folks 🙂
This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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