Top Fantastico TV Series

During the 1990’s, with the dire lack of entertainment channels, the only few shows you ever get to watch in DoorDashan was Junoon, Jungle Book, Oliyum Oliyum(Tamil) and of course the daily news. Junoon , only next to CID, was the longest running TV series in Indian Television and was quite the craze around that time. Everyone was quite addicted to the show for several years and watched it religiously
Back to the 21st century in 2016 and now we are faced with a plethora of TV channels offering 100’s of shows and movies back to back , some even in HD content. In addition to this, NetFlix has also launched in India offering hours of quality entertainment at nominal prices.
You are now faced with innumerable choices in TV Shows and wondering which one to watch. Given the limited time to watch TV, I have put together a list of Fantastico TV shows that you should definitely watch and leave all the rest for a later viewing. All you need to do is to stream the content or get the DVD of the following shows, sit back and experience the thrill ride
Homeland :  This CIA spy/anti-terrorism/espionage thriller show has been rated the top thriller series in every EMMY award for the last 3-4 years. Based on a mini series and a book, this show captures the real essence of the Homeland department trying to infiltrate the enemy and fight terror hands on
The acting is top notch and employ advanced methods in tracking down the enemy and win battles. This show clearly demonstrates the state of insurgency and threats every country is facing, due to terrorism. It also shows how the real battles are no longer on the battlefield but rather through the internet
The Good Wife : A Fantastico legal/courtroom drama series by the production houses of Ridley Scott, this is totally up your sleeve if you have grown up reading John Grisham and other legal thrillers. With terrific performances by all the actors  , especially the lead Julianna Marguilles, this is one show you’d never wanna miss. Pro Tip : Dont be misled by the title as a Desperate Housewives show. You may wanna brush up on your basics in law before watching the show
The Big Bang Theory : Hands down, the best geek comedy series in Television till date, The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom written by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. It revolves around the lives of 4 scientists living in New York and their day to day adventures with Penny, a waitress who lives across the floor. The show is running for 10 seasons now and still as strong as ever
Person Of Interest: In case you are a Nolan brothers fan and you happen to discover a show that’s written and directed by Jonathan Nolan, imagine your excitement. Person of Interest delivers just that. A show based on machine learning programming, Artificial Intelligence and hacking, POI just gets better and better with every season to come. A machine, that predicts the next crime that is about to happen and identifies the person involved in that crime ( either as a victim or the perpretrator) forms the premise of the show.
Mr.Robot : Just 1 season with 10 episodes is complete , and Mr.Robot is already a highly talked about show among the geeks. Known for its authentic content on technology and hacking codes, Mr.Robot revolves around a guy, who aims to create a world that is free of all the evil and fights against it. He uses his powerful hacking skills to fight in his mission and partially succeeds in it. People are already psyched up about what the second season is planning to offer
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