Top Fantastico Jobs

10 years earlier, when I began to pursue my engineering , I was aware of only couple of jobs that paid very well and quite “respectable” in the society. Not just jobs, but also only few IT companies were hiring in thousands across India , for the post of Associate Software Engineer

Every Tom,Dick and Harry tried to study , only to secure a job in a company like TCS , Infosys, Cognizant or Wipro. Irrespective of whether you study civil engineering, computer science engineering,electronics engineering , mechanical engineering or even Aeronautical engineering , you ended up working in only the above companies

Once the recessional period came to an end, India and US saw the emergence of a lot of startups which gained a billion dollar evaluation in no time. Some of these companies included Uber, AirBnb,Groupon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, OyoRooms, Zenefits, Zynga and the likes

These startups received several million dollars in venture capitalist funding. They had ambitious projects in mind and hired a huge no of fresh college graduates. Suddenly it was no longer the mainstream companies that did the hiring but also these start-ups, who could easily match the salary and benefits provided by the multinationals

So if you are to find employment with these uber cool companies here are some top fantastico jobs you should aim for

Data Scientist: As a data scientist myself, I can confidently say that this is one of the most desired jobs in the world as of now. With almost every single company having an analytics organization setup, they require at least 100 data scientists per firm. This translates to a million jobs in the data scientist space. If you can equip yourself with a good knowledge in statistics, modelling and forecasting, you can be a good candidate for the post and a definite hire.

Big Data Database Engineer: If you are someone, who can work your way around databases and have the capacity to learn new big data databases like Hadoop, Vertica, MongoDb etc, you’ll be simply irreplaceable. With almost very less “Big Data” talent available in the market, this is the next big thing one should definitely aim for.

Social Media Analysts : The entire world is on social media, and one is actually considered invisible, if they don’t have a Twitter and Facebook account. Companies have to constantly monitor all this social media chatter, make sense out of this data and analyse some key insights in it. This is a skill, not many are accustomed and definitely a growing industry. If you have knowledge on Google Analytics and SEO, it’s even better

Cloud Developers: People well versed with cloud applications and have the capacity to develop softwares, to host the data in the cloud, are in major need by all big IT companies.

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