Fantastico Places to Shop in Chennai

Having lived in Chennai for over 25+ years, I have known this place by heart and know almost every nook and corner in the city. A fantastico city, filled with culture, tradition and beauty, it has plenty of things to offer to evreryone.

Though based in Tamil Nadu, its a culturally diverse city, similar to Bangalore. People from all states and cultures live here peacefully , which has resulted in a multi cultural diverse place, than what it used to be 30-40 years back.

So anyone new to this city, may find themselves at a spot, to know where to go for shopping and what to buy. Just like how we have a Zomato app for discovering restaurants, unfortunately we don’t have a similar app to identify places to shop.

So find below some fantastico places to shop in Chennai

Pondy Bazaar : One of the biggest shopping centres in the entire state, Pondy Bazaar is more than 1km long filled with amazing products. Located in Central T.Nagar, its always the preferred destination for shopping of any kind. You can get to do everything there, including street side shopping as well as window shopping. Some of the famous stores in this bazaar include : Naidu Hall, Kanchi Plaza, Mayaa’s Plaza, Singapore Plaza , Globus, Kasi Arcade, Big Bazaar and Rathna Stores
Things to Buy : Toys, Women’s tops and accessories(Both cheap and expensive ones), Furnitures, Utensils, Innerwear and Flowers

Express Avenue : One of the biggest mall in the state, express avenue is a massive place for shoppingto your heart’s content . It has a mix of both premium and ordinary stores that sells everything from mobile phones, shoes, clothes, accessories and even cosmetics. It is a mall that cannot be missed just for its splendour and grandeur. All the items are genuine and may have a slightly premium tag associated to it. So watch the bill tag before you purchase something
Things to Buy : Designer Clothes, Perfume, Shoes and Bags

Sowcarpet : One of the biggest inhabitants of Sowcarpet are Rajasthanis and Gujjus. So you’ll find women’s clothes available in plenty. You’ll get both the material as well as readymade in dirt cheap prices compared to other areas in city, as these are imported directly from Gujarat and Rajasthan
Things to Buy : Salwar and other women’s clothes

Usman Road : A road very close to Pondy Bazaar, this is another great place to do some street shopping as well as buy Gold and Silk Sarees. The Gold Souk of Chennai, Usman Road has nearly 100’s of stores selling original Gold, Silver and Diamond at competitive prices with the highest amount of quality. Apart from gold, you also get the best silk sarees in the entire country in this single stretch of road
Things to buy : Gold, Silk Sarees, Accessories, Cheap plastic stuffs

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