Fantastico Places to Eat in Chennai

As mentioned in my previous post , Chennai is an amazing city in India to explore. There are innumerable things one can do in Chennai and can never get bored out of it. One of the most interesting activities, according to me would be eating out. Of course, every city has its own speciality of restaurants , but the ones in  Chennai are unique in its own way and can never be replicated.

Consider it as an adventure, as you walk on the food trail of glory in the beautiful city of Chennai.
So here are the interesting and fantastico places to eat in Chennai :

Sandwich stall @ Egmore : Looking out for a quick healthy snack but cant decide what you’d like to have or have less budget. Then the sandwich stalls opposite to the Government museum is the right place to go. With sandwiches as low as 20, you get nearly 50 varieties of hot, piping, delicious sandwich. Be it egg, mayo, cheese or vegetable, you have them all. Be it as a group of friends or solo, its a definite eat-out place for anyone

Murugan Idly : Chennai is famous for three things. Its filter coffee, Dosa and Idly. Murugan Idly is a place where you can get all three in the most delicious and aromatic manner. All you gotta do is visit any branch of Murugan Idly spread across the city, and even before you get to see the menu, you’ll find your plate stuffed with two idlis and a vada served with oil, chutney and sambhar
Murugan Idly started off as a small platform kiosk in Madurai railway station and successfully managed to capture the entire market in Chennai for serving the best Idly’s and Dosas.

Madras Coffee House : If you come to Chennai and ask for a capuccino, chances are you’ll be met with weird looks. The city is quite famous for its extra strong filter coffees and one can have this at any of the kiosks of Madras Coffee House. You’ll be served with a Stainless steel Cup and Tumbler and you need to probably ask for an extra serving of sugar, if you find it bitter.

Marina Bajji Stalls : What’s an outing in the beach without having the corn and bajji. A delicious evening snack, Bajjis are fried in oil , and consist of various stuffings like potato, chilli, onion etc . A plate of “bajji” will have around 5 pieces and would cost you around 30rs.

Saravana Bhavan : Though they have branched out to many parts in the world, Saravana Bhavan still has its roots in Chennai and serves delicious food in all their branches. Don’t forget to try out their famous sambhar along with some other tiffin item.

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