Impact of The Godfather

One of the greatest films ever made, Godfather is an outstanding mafia thriller movie directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Adapted from the book of the same name, The Godfather is a movie that has been worshipped and studied by several film pundits and budding film artists till date

It’s a movie that has had its impact on so many different things in the American society and of course on the entire film making fraternity of the world. Its an example of a perfect movie should be made and there has been several studies and research about the movie.

Godfather initially came out as a novel by Mario Puzo, in 1969. The story revolves around an Italian Mafia family, headed by Don Corleone in Long Beach and their territory wars with four other Mafia families in New York. In this struggle, Don Corleone is shot by one of the drug dealers and then taken over by his two sons, Michael Corleone and Santino. They are advised by the in-house consigliere, Tom Hagen. The way his sons takes revenge, kills the other families in a cold blooded fashion and tries to convert their business to a legitimate manner forms the remainder of the story.

Marlon Brando as The Godfather gave 200% justice to the role through his perfection in acting and skills. The Godfather’s role had such impact in so many other films,  that many popular actors tried to mimick and enact the role of Godfather to show their acting skills.

Indian ace film director, Manirathnam had a huge impact on the Godfather. This led him to direct a movie called Nayagan that had a similar Don concept. In the movie credits, he gave his complete tribute to Francis Ford Copolla’s The Godfather.

The Godfather had a stunning impact in the consciousness of American-Italian cultural tensions. This uplifted the general Italian-American image and gave them a status quo. The movie incidentally begins with the lines “I believe in America” and begins to depict the ground reality of the Mafia business, which is still prevalent in the country.

To depict this impact of The Godfather had on the people, there was a movie made called The Godfather Effect in 2012. Nearly 40 years after the movie release, The Godfather still commands a supreme position with film critics. Some of the concepts of Italian culture, like Omerta (or the code of silence) was personally identified by many Italian Americans, and could relate themselves clearly with the story.

The biggest impact of Godfather was on other filmmakers. Many directors like Martin Scorsese had tremendous influence from the Godfather while making mafia movies.
Not just in movies, but the Godfather has managed to have its significant impact on the overall culture itself , both in Italy as well as the US.

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