Musical Hits of Rajnikanth

The word “Superstar” is enough to send goosebumps across any person in Tamil Nadu. Such is the fame, adulation, popularity and crazy fan following Rajnikanth has commanded across generations in the past three decades. Every one of his movie releases has been met with fanfare, celebrations like a mini festival.

Much has been talked about his scintallating movies, his style, dialogues and action. Hence this post is about the amazing music his films has. Post Thalapathy which was composed by Ilayaraja, almost all of his film music was composed by only A.R.Rahman. With such a powerful combination , there was no way it could go the other way. Back in those days when CD’s and casettes ruled the roost, Rajnikanth’s music was extra popular. It was quite hard to find even a single CD of his latest film in stores, soon after his release. Some people even pre-ordered the music CD to ensure it wasn’t sold out.

One of the songs in his famous movie Thalapathy, Raakamma Kaiyya Thattu is still regarded as one of the top 500 hit songs of all time, by a poll in BBC.  Incidentally no other Indian film song was able to feature in that list

Rajnikanth’s movies usually start off with a song that introduces him and he goes on to convey an important social message. Predominantly and like a lucky charm, it’s always sung by the famous singer, S.P.Balasubramaniam. Some of these tracks include : Konji Konji from Veera, Devuda Devuda from Chandramukhi,Ballaleika from Sivaji, Raakumuthu Raaku from Ejaman and Oh Nanba Nanba from Linga.

Another similar hit combination of Rajini is with Shankar and A.R.Rahman. This terrific trio has always proved to be a huge success in both their ventures. Be it Robot or Sivaji, they have successfully proved that their combo is one of the best in the industry.

A special highlight was the song Athiradee Thaan from the movie Sivaji. One of Rajnikanth’s biggest movie till date , the song exactly captured the essence of Rajini’s stardom and quotient. The lyrics and tune , both were pulsating enough to give the audience a huge boost and an adrenalin rush.

Rajinikanth’s Enthiran on the other hand a techno rap genre except for the occasional duet melody with Aishwarya Rai.  Pudhiya Manidha, Irumbile Oru Idhayam and Boom Boom Robo Da had that techno rock feeling, which was completely for Rajni’s fans. Used to listening only melodies and peppy dance numbers in Rajnikanth’s movies, these songs were completely off the beaten track and explored different concepts.

The rap in between Irumbile Oru Idhayam was sung by Kash n Krissy, was a special highlight of the album and gave her due credit for her skills.

Some of Rajnikanth’s other famous songs include : Sundari Kannal Oru Sethi from Thalapathy,Naan Autokaaran from Baasha and Vetri Kodi Kattu from Padayappa

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