Top Fantastico E-Commerce Sites

E-Commerce in India and China picked up quite late compared to other western countries like US, UK etc However once it started, its transaction count and revenue has gone way past beyond all others put together. The first entrants were surprisingly not Flipkart, but actually Groupon and Snapdeal, who began as “Deal Sites”. They sold dinner and lunch buffet coupons, resort activity discounts etc.Selling products like a retail store wasn’t exactly their forte

But once Flipkart launched their E-book store, the first step of E-commerce revolution began
5  years down the line, there are 5000 entrants in this space. A few sold only a selected category of products while a few others sold everything under the rood

So here are my top fantastico e-commerce sites which I trust and love to buy

Amazon :Amazon, surprisingly had a failure launch in India, as they could never match the likes of  Flipkart. Despite offering many lightning deals and deep discounts, their momentum couldn’t gather pace. But slowly people understood the overall quality of Amazon was actually better than the ones sold in other sites.Electronics were cheaper, more reliable and their shipping charges were usually waived off or definitely cheaper than other sites. Do keep looking out for their Fantastico Lightning Deals and pick up great stuffs at unbeatable prices!

Flipkart : Flipkart is a site like Facebook, which you visit almost every single day, irrespective of whether you need something or not. The joy of shopping in Flipkart is really something and one should definitely experience it .Flipkart started off with selling books and now expanded to sell everything, similar to a hypermarket.  Their recent inclusion was a Mahindra XUV car in their homepage. Yes, there are no limits to what Flipkart can sell and definitely fantastico!

Snapdeal : Snapdeal started off like a deal site,but later ditched that concept and began selling like a mainstream E-Commerce site. Despite having a rough patch initially with lot of consumers complaining of fake goods, they seemed to have regained well and have a stronghold of the sub-1000Rs market. They have even began selling groceries and recently acquired freecharge as a wallet payment operator

Paytm: Frankly, one of my most favourite sites, PayTM began purely as a wallet operator with huge cashbacks on bill payments, recharges etc. They expanded their wallet offerings to companies like Uber, BookMyshow, Zomato, FoodPanda etc and ensured that Paytm was present almost everywhere
Their recent venture in E-commerce has met with partial success and the service  quality seemed to have improved quite well too. Pro Tip : Apply one of their coupon codes and get fantastico cashbacks, everytime you recharge your phone or DTH

Myntra : Myntra had a huge following and fan base until it was acquired by Flipkart and became an “App-only” site. It had an excellent variety of clothing and shoes, but lost most of its sheen thanks to the removal of the website. Though the quality and variety is good, it’s now accessible by only people having a smartphone and hence could have impacted their sales deeply. But it still ranks as one of my top favourite Fantastico E-Commerce sites.

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