Impact of Console Games

Since childhood, I’ve had a deep attraction towards gaming. I first bought my gaming device for around 3000 Rs, which came with two free gaming cartridges. I was quite amazed at the level of graphics it had and I could control the players with a hand held joystick. It even had a gun that could let me shoot the objects on the screen like a remote laser object.

Nintendo probably ruled the market around that time and was known for its variety of games and its exceptional clarity.

Some of the most popular games that were available through these cartridge based games included Cricket, Sonic the Hedgehog, Basketball, Football and even athletic sports. Apart from these, the most famous type of game was however racing games like Motoracing, SpeedBike, Car Racing etc
Video games died a slow death during the 2000 when PC games took over. The launch of high powered desktops and laptops made it easier for game developers to create PC based games which could be easily downloaded by anyone. Game controllers like Steering wheel and PC joystsicks was available in the market for an enhanced gaming experience

This also suffered a setback, when Microsoft launched the first ever digital gaming console called the XBOX similar to the Sony PlayStation. Every alternate year, both these companies have come up with new releases that have raised the standards of console games

Console games have had a big impact on the gaming community as well as the retail business as well.
Impact on Gamers and Gaming communities:  Gaming communities have largely benefited by the exceptional 3D graphics provided by these console games which no other gaming device could even come close to. Gamers could relive their fantasies and simulate themselves in actual battles through these games. Players could battle against each other online at the same time through a multiplayer game. All you needed was an active internet connection and you could sync your game progress with the rest of the leader board. While talking about 3D , some of the best 3D printing pens are also coming out on the market which is becoming quite the range.

Impact on Retail : Many small video game stores, malls and even movie theatres have opened up XBOX/Playstation rooms. People can choose any game they want and give a shot at these XBOX centers for a nominal price. They also had the opportunity to sell XBOX and PS game CDs.

XBOX and PS had an another useful advantage too. With the help of the Kinect function, developers developed Zumba, Fitness workouts and even dance classes. Users had to just follow the guidelines, repeat the steps shown on the screen and workout accordingly. Many people across the world have claimed that it had a serious impact of fitness on them and that it’s very effective
It also gave a chance for so many game developers, to develop small time games for the XBOX and Playstation versions.

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