Game of Thrones : A Fantastico TV Serie

If one was to rate the greatest ever  Fantastico TV show ever produced, the answer would be unanimous. It would definitely be Game of Thrones. Its based on the book series, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. Martin.

The show started in 2011 and has gone to the top of the TV ratings schedule ever since. The sixth season is due for its release in a couple of months

The show has a complex story line, a huge list of characters and history that dates back to several centuries. It has won almost all the awards in Emmys, year after year and the count is now upto 26, the most by any TV series till date

The story line revolves around the Iron throne of the Kingdom of Westeros. Several kings from the seven kingdoms are trying to raise an army to fight for it. It is currently ruled by a king called Baratheon and he faces several internal as well as external threats

Set in a renaissance time period, probably between the years (1200-1300), the show’s setting has been beautifully captured by amazing sets to depict those years. With a backdrop of Fantastico castles,war zones and kingdoms it’s totally different from other modern TV Series. This also makes it all the more difficult for the producers and actors to think on prehistoric terms for every single scene.

The show actually became famous after its unique plot lines and twists, which was completely unexpected. Almost 40-50% of the main characters and heroes are killed mercilessly at the strike of a sword, especially at a time when you expected them to win the battle. With lots of explicit scenes and brutal killings, this is definitely a show not for the kids

The show has all elements of a fantastic show including humour, action, sex, horror, glamor and more importantly, some great writing. Interestingly, though it has become a huge hit in its release through HBO, it has also earned the distinction of the most pirated TV show through torrents in recent history
The show’s main character surprisingly was not a king but a dwarf who goes by the name of Tyrion Lannister in the show, played by Peter Dinklage. He’s been the most liked and most respected 
warriors in the show and no one could have played his Fantastico role to perfection other than Peter
The show’s interest highlight would however be the horror part with zombies and mysterious forces marching towards the kingdom. Though expecting a show on kings and castles, one would be quite taken aback to see huge dragons flying across and destroying cities, commanded by a lady  called the Khaleesi
Thankfully,the show has been quite faithful to its book adaptation and has done complete justice to it. Incidentally its fifth season finale was watched by a whopping 8 million people

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