Fantastico Websites you probably never heard of

The world wide web is a resource tank, filled with abundant information and interesting stuffs. It’s really a gold mine if you know where to look for. You can get a solution for almost anything, however complex it is. Be it a programming question, a mathematics doubt, a question on faith and religion or even basic life questions, you have plenty of people ready to help out

So here are some Fantastico websites , that can be really useful to you and make a huge difference in your life

Coursera : An amazing site to learn courses for free, coursera is like an open university. You can choose any subject you want, be it marketing or data science or even economics and you can join the class virtually for free. You’ll have everything an online course has, including video lectures, assignments, grades and certifications , which can be used to progress your career. I personally undertook a course in Data Science and I can admit it is one of the best courses I’ve ever attended  : When you are in conference calls with different people across different countries, it’s tough to track the local time of the respective country. You can input the time in time zone websites and wait for it to respond. solves just that. All you got to do is move the slider left and right to see the time of any particular city/country : Amit Aggarwal , an amazing technologist from India has created this beautiful website called This simple site gives you fantastico tricks and solutions for everyday IT issues and also interesting discoveries

LifeHacker :  Be it personal productivity, IT tricks , or even basic life shortcuts , these are the little things that help your life by a big margin. That small amount of time saving in doing a thing can help you focus on something else more important. Lifehacker is a blog that has managed to source amazing articles and information on hacking life, quite literally. It could be a fantastico way to crack that job interview or simpler ways to lose weight, Lifehacker is the go-to place Emails generally allow a maximum size of 20mb for attachments. For anything greater than that, you have to split or reduce the file size and send . To solve this issue in sending files even as big as 1Gb , is a great option. Just input your mail id, upload the file and enter the destination email ID. Once the upload is done, your friend is notified of the download link of the 1GB file. : An amazing computational search engine, it can give you answers to even complex equations or physics problems. It doesn’t point you to other links like Google , but rather computes the equation and provides you the solution
You can compute any equation or comparison in Wolphram. Be it comparison of two companies or even statistical data analysis of a dataset, wolphram alpha is your answer

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