Fantastico Ways to Make Money in the Internet

The internet is not just a source of information, where you can Google things and get to know about it. If you are skilled and know to use it correctly to your advantage, you can also earn a sizable income from it, through legal ways and get a handy pocket money

The internet is abuzz with thousands of scams on false claims of making a million dollars. The user gets a mail from an unknown ID saying he just has to provide his bank details, phone no, password and in some cases a small deposit to a specified account. Once this is done, you are told that you’ll receive million dollars from an unknown beneficiary in Nigeria. There have been plenty of cases where people are cheated with such blatant mails like this and yet become a victim again and again
Knowing which ones to believe and which one you shouldn’t’ believe is tough.

So based on my experience and knowledge, here are some Fantastico ways to make money off the internet

Content Writer: Many editorial companies, newspapers are always looking for freelancers and content writers, who can write some quality content about a sponsor. The freelancer can simply get the requirements from the publisher, write the article and send it across through email from home. Once the publisher approves the content, the writer gets paid a fixed amount per article. In some cases, payment also depends on the no of words you write
With good grammar skills and a decent knowledge, anyone with a laptop and a Word application can apply to be a content writer

Social Media Influencer: If you happen to be someone who is followed by a sizeable no of people in Twitter, Facebook, consider yourself as an influencer. Influencers are people who can tweet/ share posts on behalf of a brand and promote it in their timeline. With a huge following in social media, you may even be responsible in having a sizeable influence on the product’s Fantastico success

Google AdSense: If you have a Blog or a website, Google allows you to place their ads in your page. Every time a user comes to your page and clicks on the ad, you get a small amount for that. It may be anything from 1 cent to 1dollar per click. Once you reach the 100 dollar mark, Google will send a verified cheque to your home There are many sites in the internet which allows you to lend your skills for a particular activity or project. Fiverr is one such website where you can sell a creative service product for as low as 5 dollars to anyone else in the world. It could be designing a logo or a visiting card or even translating a document. If you happen to be a singer, you can even sing a song in YouTube and dedicate it to them for 5 dollars. Sounds fun isn’t it?

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