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Mobiles have slowly transformed from a basic communication device to an all in one device. It is expected to perform every single function that you do in a laptop. Thankfully both Android and iOS developers have come up with interesting apps that lets you do a whole lot of things, apart from just listening to music. Be it radio stations, discovering music, playing lossless music, worry not, you have an app for everything

Spotify: One of the most famous music service in the world, Spotify gives users access to millions of songs in the world and let you stream them whenever you like. The biggest highlight of Spotify is that songs are ad-free and play without any interruptions. It allows users to download music into their play and listen to it offline, when you don’t have an active internet connection

Shazaam : Suppose you are in a club and a beautiful track is playing over the speakers. It’s not possible to just walk over to the DJ and ask him which song it is, nor do your friends know which track it is. So what do you do? You shazaam it…All you have to do is to fire up the app, and let it do the listening. In a few seconds it tells you the complete biography of the song and its history.

Google play music: A default music player in every Android phone, Google play music is a great app to organize your music in a library and lets you play the songs through a playlist. It also features ad-supported radio based on songs, artists or albums. You can easily load up to 50,000 songs in the player from your own music collection and play it anytime offline

Pandora  : Similar to, Pandora was one of the first major Internet radios and a music streaming company. Powered by the Music Genome project, it’s a classy internet radio app&website which helps you discover interesting artists, songs or even play some of your old favourites. By understanding your musical preferences and tastes, its inbuilt automatic music recommendation engine keeps recommending new songs. Once a user approves or rejects, it keeps refining the song recommendations further Unfortunately, its available only in countries like US and Australia

Soundcloud : One of my most favourite apps, this is a dream come true for independent artists and musicians. Acting as an online music streaming and distribution service, it allows the artists to share their original content to users worldwide and promote it effectively. The song can either be streamed or even downloaded. The track could be a radio show, a small sample of the main track or the whole song itself. With more than 175 million active users in the soundcloud community, Soundcloud is also called the Myspace of the 21stcentury.

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