Backstreet Boys’ Peppy Music

If your childhood was in the 90’s and you were a fan of music, chances are that you would be a crazy fan of Backstreet Boys. There is no way you could have gone a single day, without listening to the peppy foot-tapping melodramatic songs of Backstreet Boys

All their musical numbers were pre-dominantly love songs and was an instant hit with the teenagers. Especially the ones who were romantically involved with someone else or recently had a breakup as well. Their popularity in India, surprisingly was way higher than in other countries like UK, US etc

Simple lyrics, foot tapping music and interesting tunes were some of the reasons why it caught on with the youngsters. No matter which cultural show you attend or a college symposium, Backstreet boys album was one of the mandatory items in your checklist to sing. Everyone recognized it instantly and probably even joined along the chorus music

Formed in 1993 in Orlando, Florida , the band Backstreet Boys had five members and the were Nick Carter, Brian Littrell,  A. J. McLean, Howie Dorough, and Kevin Richardson

Though they released many albums, the top 4 albums that sold off several million copies were Backstreet Boys(1996), BackStreet’s Back, Millenium and Black&Blue.

Their first album, Backstreet Boys was the best among the rest. Almost every single in the album was a runaway hit and became one of the biggest debut albums in history surpassing all records

Backstreet Boys(1996) : The most famous songs in their first album included :

·         Anywhere for You
·         Get Down
·         We’ve got it Going on
·         Quit Playing games with my heart 
“Get Down, You’re the one for me” was actually released a single in a few tours owing to its huge popularity. It features alternate rap lyrics by Smooth T and Mclean. The music video for Get Down featured the band singing on top of disco balls which was placed inside another disco ball and so forth. 
Incidentally it was the most copied song as well. A popular music director in India lifted the song’s main tune and composed an entire tune for himself
Millenium Album(1999) : Millenium was their third album and was declared as the second biggest hit for Backstreet Boys. According to Wikipedia, it holds the record for maximum shipments of 11 million units in a single year. Being nominated for 5 Grammys came as no surprise for anyone.   
Backstreet Boys best-selling tracks/singles including Show me the meaning of Feeling Lonely, I Want it That way and Larger than Life was incidentally from their Millenium album.  These tracks were also the most remembered songs of all time  , apart from Quit Playing Games  and Get Down.
Their most recent album came ten years back called “Never Gone”, which didn’t take off as expected and the band hasn’t seen much activity post that

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