The King of Pop Music – Michael Jackson

There’s no one in the world who wouldn’t know the man who redefined pop music and brought in a whole different culture into the world of music. He’s none other than Michael Jackson, a great legend born with gifted skills in music and dance. His electrifying moves in the dance floor, along with his chart-buster music have stunned people across all ages. No wonder, he’s still the highest earning music legend through royalty pay-out, despite his death several years back

Michael Jackson, during his time, always ruled the box office charts and happened to be the most admired guy by everyone. Any budding dancer would first try to imitate his moves and start learning to dance from his music videos

This multi-talented genius happened to be a songwriter, singer, dancer , actor and even a producer. Thanks to his immense contribution to music and dance, he earned the title “King of Pop”

For his first single, he collaborated with Paul McCartney and produced the famous song “The Girl is mine”. However things changed when he launched his first mainstream album called “Thriller”. Both the video and the album was a massive success and stayed on the charts for 80 weeks. It became the bestselling album in music history, all time! Staying in the #1 spot for 37 weeks, Thriller swept away hundreds of awards including 8 Grammys

Some of Michael Jackson’s other famous albums include “Dangerous”, “Bad” and “History”. As a solo artist, he reinvented the pop culture through some of his famous singles like “Man in the Mirror” , “Black or White’ and “I Just can’t stop loving you”.
His song “Black or white” from the album “Dangerous” was released in 1991 has been his most famous song till date. The song had a mixed genre including hard rock, rap music and also dance. Released as a tribute to promote racial harmony, it hit the top position in the Billboards #1 in just a couple of weeks

Despite having a shaky career due to lawsuits and alleged abuses, Jackson always retained a pop icon image with his fans and his music remained ever so popular.

On a fortunate note, he made a comeback after nearly 6 years with his final album Invincible. Luckily it was declared to be a big hit and sold nearly 10 million copies across the world

His music videos have had phenomenal impact across the music industry, media and the people as a whole. It was considered to be a special art form because of its uniqueness, special effects, creative story lines and of course his dance movements

His most impactful song however was “Heal the World”. A call for peace and solidarity in the world, the beautiful song literally brought a tear in everyone’s eyes and remains as one of my favourite songs till date

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