Impact of Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s day week and I’m pretty sure most people I know are busy planning ,to make it a big deal out of it. A day meant to celebrate love, has now become a commercial holiday in several countries. The pure love in Valentine’s Day has been replaced by the interests of multi national firms and hotel chains trying to exploit the consumers and making a quick buck

Commercialization of normal days into special days like Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday didn’t spare love as well.Given that people wouldn’t mind spending for their loved ones,irrespective of the cost just made it a whole lot easier to capitalize on it

It’s now become a fashion statement or even a mandate to spend in thousands, to prove your love, not only to your partner but also to the society. The innumerable inquisitive questions by friends, on getting to know your “Valentine Day” plans is enough to place immense pressure on you. More than pleasing your lover , you have to ensure its found acceptable by people around you.

Expressing love on Valentine’s Day is no longer sufficient with a bunch of roses. It works only when you accompany with an expensive 5 Star Hotel dinner, platinum/diamond jewellery, western clothes, spa sessions, gift vouchers and long drives preferably in a luxury car.

More than any other industry, Media as a single entity played the primary role in popularizing this day . By telecasting love related shows, programs having song and music video dedications and even live dating shows made it spread much further.
Religious outfits in India and Middle Eastern countries have strongly condemned this practice of celebrating love publicly on Valentine’s Day. Calling it a “contamination” and “influence” from western civilization, they have raised strong objections both verbally as well as physically through force against Valentine’s Day. Moral Policing has ruled the peak during this week. as they actively look for couples having a nice moment and try to hurt them

So when you analyse the economic impacts of Valentine’s Day, it has really made a huge boost to the economy.

Hotel Industry: In the past couple of years, the primary industry that has largely benefited through Valentine’s Day is the hotel industry. Special dinner buffets, candle light dinner packages and even special rooms to spend the night, are some of the highlights offered. No surprises to the fact that it’s completely sold out within hours

Gift Shops : Earlier gifting options was primarily restricted to Archies toys and HallMark greeting cards. With the explosion of online retailing, the gift industry has expanded to a national level. Naturally gifting shops and retailers have noticed a 500-600% surge in sales during the Valentine’s week

Flower business: A business that can never be replaced by any online firm or any other company, the flower industry is the only surviving industry that hasn’t been impacted by any change. One of the primary ways to express love, roses among other flowers has always been the most favourite and easy to select gifts for a guy. A guy doesn’t need to fear of buying a product, that his girlfriend may not like. Instead, a flower is always the safest option he can go for, to gift his girl

Some of the other impacted businesses thanks to Valentine’s Day would be Perfume Industry, Watch Industry and the slowly dying Greeting Card Industries

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