Impact of Google

I cant really imagine a world before Google even existed. I had no clue on how I managed to figure out things, get key information or research facts for my homework and articles

All you got to read was a boring newspaper, where there were snippets of news. It had very less information on what you were actually looking for and had all other unrelated stuff. You relied on friends and elders to get some valuable information, esp if it was related to history.  I had to scroll through several pages of the heavy Oxford dictionary at home to find the meaning of a single word.

If you were keen to get yourself updated on general knowledge , you were most probably spotted buying the Britannia Encyclopaedia ( all the 5 parts ). There were even books called “Tell Me Why”, which had scientific articles and was actually a craze at that time

While choosing a place to eat, it was always a known restaurant or something your friend recommended. There was no other source of information to tell you the nearby restaurants and hotels.
When planning a trip, you solely relied on the advice given by travel agents. You ended up staying in shady hotels, going on worthless tours and paid a huge bomb for it. There were no sites to source other traveller’s information and reviews, who had earlier visited it

When you went somewhere and got lost, you had to rely on strangers to find the shortest route. 90% of the times, you ended up going in completely opposite directions, thanks to a misguided advice by the stranger in the street

Mails came only through the postman, once a day at the most as he came in gleefully, ringing his cycle bell. There were no electronic mails or instant messages. You were forced to buy postcards from post offices and pen down long letters with formal introductions

Some say their childhood was amazing and simple. They claim that the current world can never equal to the one they had lived 25 years back .Yet deep inside they realize the impact of Google in them.
Google has made a profound impact not only in people but across every other business in the world. Whether its navigating to a different area or looking up reviews for an establishment or even knowing the meaning of word, you simply can’t live without Google even for a day. Google’s key impact is in ensuring it has met its vision and mission quite successfully. It has organized all of the data in the world and made it accessible for everyone

There isn’t a single industry, which hasn’t felt its presence touched by Google. It has come to a state that, if you are a business and your company’s info doesn’t come out in a Google search, it means you don’t exist.

To summarize the key impact of Google in a line, I’d probably say that it has successfully made our lives easier and better in every aspect

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