Impact of Truth

There is nothing in the world that sets you free like the truth.
All those days , you concealed the emotions, betrayal or mistakes you had done and had to lie through your face to cover it all up. You were forced to carry a huge burden in your chest as you hid your face in shame, not able to look up to the person in the eye. You knew all along that it was not the right way to do things and you somehow wanted to do the right thing. Yet, the fear of telling the truth, its consequences and its huge impact always made you withheld it.
Though truth and honesty is always the best policy, many a times it may not be wise to follow that route. There are situations that demand you to cover the truth and lie to protect someone. Such scenarios may be fine and in fact have a positive impact
Yet that should not always be the case. It’s imperative that one should always speak the truth under any given circumstance. When you speak the truth, you don’t need to remember anything. You are saying things as it happened. You aren’t covering up with layers of lies and lie further, to cover the initial lie you had begun with.  By being truthful always, you build a reputation for yourself. You are treated with respect, dignity and more importantly dependable. These are qualities that not everyone can earn. It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of money or not. A truthful /honest person is always considered rich in heart, which no amount of gold or money can buy
Truth doesn’t really just mean you’re being honest and never lie. Being truthful is about everything. You are sincere to your job and work sincerely without slacking. You strive to keep your word and never go back on your promises. Truth is about standing your ground even when the whole world is against you.
However the very same truth can be objective and subjective. Truth can vary from different points of view. You may have spoken about the things you had heard and witnessed. But as the popular saying goes, “What you hear nor what you see is the actual truth. Only a deep research can actually tell what happened”
Almost every single religion including Hinduism, Islam and Christianity strongly urge its followers to speak the truth at all times. In some religions and caste, it is considered to have committed a sin, if you ever lied about anything
To me basic humanity and respect lies in truth. When someone is always honest about their actions and maintained their integrity, you know that there’s still hope in this world.
Such is the impact of truth!
On contrary, for someone who withheld the truth, it’s not important that they lied to me but I will be sad that I won’t be able to trust them again
Let the truth liberate you
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