Impact of a Teacher

There are very few professions in the world which are revered, respected and honored. One of them is being a doctor while the other is a teacher
The respect a teacher gets wherever he goes is always something special, that no other person can ever command. Every student who has attended his/her class would forever lookup to him with utmost respect. The impact a teacher a can have on his students can be endless and has far reaching effects
The subject could be physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology or even social science. But it all depends on how it is being taught and the effort a teacher puts in to make sure you understand. In a class, not everyone would have the same IQ or a mental capacity to absorb immediately what’s being taught. So the onus is upon the teacher to ensure that each and every student has understood the concept.
Many government schools practice rote learning, where books are supposed to be memorized without understanding what the concept is all about. Yet there have been several instances, where teachers strived hard to fight the system and ensure a student first understands a concept, before mugging up.
Many teachers have sacrificed high paying corporate jobs and took up to teaching, in order to make a difference. They were the only ones who believed that the younger generation can make a strong impact in the future and change the course of the nation. The impact of a teacher can be understood by the success his student achieves. Ask any person who’s risen to the top in his career and he’d most definitely attribute his success to his primary school teacher
A teacher has an immense responsibility of shaping the future of each one of his students. He needs to act as a mentor, guide and counselor, when his students are in need and help them make better decisions. He needs to constantly evaluate his students based on their responsiveness and test scores. Based on the test scores, he has to work closely with the students who requires more focus and makes sure they pass the exams
A teacher’s focus is never short term. He makes his students think about the long term plan and work accordingly. This is key in ensuring that every student works towards his goal and career plans, than just thinking of how to pass the next exam
In the real world, a person can face several problems that requires practical applications of the concepts he had studied. Yet a student can only remember what was taught in class than what was in the books. Any distance education, correspondence course , online course or even a self-learning course can never have the same impact as a classroom session.

This is a post is a small tribute to all the teachers that impacted me
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