Fantastico Ideas for the Perfect Gift for him

When it comes to gifting a girl, a nice present ,the choices are endless. You can literally bring down the world for her and sweep off her feet with just a diamond ring and a beautiful set of roses .
If you are still looking for a nice substantial gift, you just have to step into the market and find yourself inundated with choices. It can be a nice expensive handbag, a perfume bottle, an accessory, gold/diamond jewellery or even a spa voucher that can pamper her.

When it comes to gifting a guy, its a whole different ball game. The choices are limited, finding it is even tougher and you never get to know whether he already has it or not. Even worse, it may be something he hates or resents. So gifting a guy should be carefully planned and researched.

To make things far easier I have compiled a list of Fantastico ideas to gift him. Here it goes

Biker Jacket : I’m pretty sure there ain’t a single guy I know, who wouldn’t have dreamt of zipping around the city in a sports bike wearing a cool biker jacket. With the heavy influence of movies and  bike racing championships, biker jackets are always a highly desired product by any guy.

Perfume: A lot of guys may deny it outright, but the truth is perfumes are always a great gift for a guy. It could be an expensive bottle of perfume or even a nice premium deodorant; you can never go wrong in gifting him one of these. The desire to smell good, more than anything else, has always been one of my top checklist items before heading out. The perfume should be ideally medium strong, preferably with no traces of lemon, jasmine or rose

Superhero T-Shirt : Buying a superhero T-shirt is easy, but seeing that look on his face  is Priceless. The T-shirt could sport any of the top comic heroes including Hulk, Batman, Superman, Iron Man or even Captain America. The craze for a superhero never dies and any guy would wear the superhero T-shirt with a pride grin on his face. In case you got hold of a Star Wars tshirt for him, there’s no better deal than that

Xbox/PS/PC Games: If the guy happens to be a gamer and has a gaming console, a recently released action game could be the most ideal gift for him. It can set you back by a couple of thousand rupees, but he’d remain forever indebted to you for that nice gesture. Do read reviews by other gamers, before you choose a proper title
A gift voucher: It could be a simple voucher from an online store, but it gives him the possibility to buy anything he needs and definitely appreciate you for that
So go ahead, surprise him with one of the above Fantastico gifts and make it a wonderful day

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