Corporate Navigation

Working in a huge corporate firm , you would have been exposed to the many layers of complex hierarchies in the company. Some companies prefer a horizontal hierachy method where a business division will have several line managers . All members of the team will have to perform various functions and end up reporting to several managers . The team members will have almost equal power and have to constantly provide inputs to the team.  The business functions are managed by several supervisors/project leads and they roll up/report to a senior manager

Other MNC’s may follow a vertical organization, where there’s a clearly defined org structure. A chain of command follows from top to bottom and each individual in that chain has a specific role to play. The roles, responsibilities are fixed for each one of them and they have to focus strictly on their function. The bottom level employees have a immediate supervisor who in turn report to a senior manager and this extends until the CEO

Navigation inside the Chain 

So when you evaluate yourself and find yourself some where middle of this organization chain, your obvious target is to navigate up the ladder. In a horizontal organization, this may be tough, as there are people in your level,competing for the top job. It doesn’t imply that its easier to navigate up the top in a vertical organization as there’s a strong possibility for a replacement from external recruitment as well

So how do you play this corporate game, to make it to the top in a short amount of time? How do you play up to your strengths, exert influence and prove your skills?
There’s a common saying that says, “The harder a servant works, the master gets more rewards. The lesser he works, he’s replaced with someone else”. 
When you observe the top performers and the people who have risen to the top quite quickly, there’s a pattern emerging out of them. They follow certain rules, possess certain qualities and traits that makes them achieve great results.
So here’s my list of  the key rules you need to follow, to navigate to the top of the corporate chain

1.      Be Visible: No matter how small it is, publicize your work and achievements across the company.  Even if you have achieved the impossible, unless you are visible, you can never be promoted nor recognized
2.      Work Smart: Employees who slog and work long hours may never get the intended results. At the same time, individuals who can quickly fix things in a smart way, are the ones companies need 
3.      Jack of all Trades, Master of None : In a corporate environment, this proverb is actually the reverse. It’s good to be a master in a subject of two, but it’s important to know an overview about all the things related to your firm. Even some basic knowledge can help you give additional pointers to talk about, in management presentations. This highlights your knowledge, multi-talented personality and your passion to learn things
4.      Leadership skills : Working hard, getting the results is all fine. But unless you demonstrate strong leadership skills and team management abilities, organizations can always hesitate to give you that top role you always desired. Refinement of your leadership skills and bringing it out in a strong way is the sure shot way to success
5.  The Go-To Person : No , you dont need to be the manager’s pet, but if you are someone whom every body looks up to, that gives you a good credibility, trust and confidence score in an organization

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