Phuket – A Fantastico Destination

Have you ever wondered how it would be if a hill station and a beach city existed together. The waves of the beautiful sea will hit the shores of the rocky Mountains beside it. A climate that has the chillness of the mountains mixed with the tropical climate of a coastal area. I kept thinking that such a Fantastico place would only exist in paintings or dream lands, but then found that it was indeed a reality. It was very much part of a nearby south East Asian country called Thailand in a small city called Phuket
With no further delay, I quickly set my eyes on this beautiful destination and started planning for this trip. I found direct flights that would lead me to Phuket directly from Bangkok in just about an hour.
Everything about Phuket was beautiful. Right from the touchdown at the Phuket International airport , where the runaway was built just a few meters away from the sea, this was one of the fantastic things I have ever witnessed. How many times would one have seen a flight flying really low over a sea and landing just when it ends.
Phuket is an ideal destination for almost any type of vacation be it with friends or an honeymoon or even a solo backpacking trip. Being an island , everything has to be imported from other parts of island either through flight or ship. Yet they managed to build a beautiful city out of this island.
Most of thailand’s tourism share is split across Bangkok and Phuket. The former is for people who want to have a glamourous partying vacation , while Phuket is more laid back and serene and ideal for a relaxed vacation. Nevertheless the partying circuit is thrilling in Phuket and known to host the best parties in the world as well
Phuket’s key fantastico attractions include James Bond Island and Phi Phi Island. James Bond had shot a movie called The Beach in this island . Thai people were quick to understand this and market the island in a beautiful way to make it a must visit attraction and even named it after James Bond
Phi Phi Island is another key attraction which is about 3.5 hours in a ship across the Indian Ocean from Phuket. This long journey takes you to a beautiful small island which has plenty of activities like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling etc. One can also relax on the beach and have a swim if you’d like while having a delightful lunch

Phuket is one of those very cities where you never feel like coming back and always want to  be that place where you finally go and retire for life. No wonder It’s being called the  most fascinating and fantastico destination by the tourism industry 
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