A Fragrance from a Mountain-Island

Every object in the world has a distinctive smell that can evoke a positive or a negative effect in the human body . It creates a link in the brain that recognizes a similar smell when you encounter it again ,
even after several years and the brain tries to evoke the same positive or negative effect in you

The positive effect could be a sense of attraction in the other person , or a sense of happiness when you smell a beautiful flower or the peace that gives you when you whiff the incense sticks in the puja room in the house

Scientists have found that ,a distinctive smell is so powerful , that one can relive all memories by just experiencing a similar smell again that they habitually used to encounter years back with some other person .It can actually stop a man in his tracks and blind him , by sheer power of that smell

A fragrance or smell is not only associated with a person or a object but also a place that we might have visited . I happened to experience one such situation when I visited the beautiful mountainous island of Phuket in Thailand this month

Phuket is a huge island in the south of island , in the beautiful country of Thailand. The culture and scenice beauty of Thailand is extremely evident from the minute you step into the island
Surrounded by nearly 6-7 beaches, the island bears a distinctive resemblance to the islands shown in the hollywood movies and shows

Arriving in the middle of the rainy season , the beautiful island was raging with huge waves and heavy rains amidst the beautiful greenery and gardens. Phuket is one of those very few islands in the world which is surrounded by sea on all sides and yet have high mountainous cliffs and gives a very distinctive picture. This combination of rains in lush gardens atop a hill right adjacent to the sea gave a very powerful smell that I couldnt have come across ever

Usually beaches have a common smell while the evening sea breeze sets in .Similarly mountains have a distinctive smell , the smell of the cold breeze waffling through the pine wood trees and hills with heavy moisture content . I experienced a mixed effect of combination of the  sea breeze along with the mountainous cool breeze and that gave me a very pleasant and powerful effect in me and completely cooled my senses down from all those work pressures and problems

I have managed to capture those moments in the below pictures if not the fragrance 🙂

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