Sync’d with Univercell

Being a proud member of Indiblogger , I was given the privilege to be one among the few fellow bloggers in Chennai to be invited for the inauguration of the Universell concept store , called as Univercell Sync.

The Universell Sync”  was one of the few selected stores across the country chosen to be a model showroom for all buyers to infuse enthusiasm in their purchase , improve awareness in the various brands and models available and ultimately enhance their experience to a whole different level

A well thought out, cleary defined strategy to woo consumers in making them understand the different features and utilities in the smartphones in this digital age and subsequently taking mobile shopping standards to a whole different level

Standing tall ,unfathomed by the rage of online sales, Univercell Sync continuously proves , why a direct retailing and purchasing experience after literally feeling and using the phone , can never be paralleled to an online purchasing experience ,which may end up going wrong in so many levels

The store layout is remodeled on an intelligent design to organize the phones, accessories and other phones based on the needs and utilities rather than the price of the products unlike other stores. This gives every buyer access to all the varieties available for a specific utility (eg, a HD high level camera phone) in the same place irrespective of the price than being distributed across different places per price. This manages effectively to both cross and upsell for the buyers and also give a full satisfaction to the consumers, that they bought something post a thorough understanding of the features

The store is divided into Music, Camera , Play and Work ,Mobile Service, Apps and Accessories, General Category zones. Each zone covers all the brands and models of phones,speakers , accessories that can suit each person’s requirements. The store layout is organized very spaciously for people to walk around comfortably without the fear of tripping over a phone or something else. No doubt, this is the largest mobile showrooms compared to any other competitor who solely focuses on mobiles and tablets alone

The Music zone is what caught me , just like one of those audio booths back in those days in Spencer Plaza where we could listen to our favourite tracks in an enclosed space. Built on a similar concept, this music zone has all the latest mobiles,mobile speakers and portable docks that can make users listen to music on the move or dock the mobiles in the docking station , switch on the music from the phone directly, while it gets charged from the inbuilt battery outlet

The whole experience seemed to be a fruitful one, gaining so much knowledge on latest mobile trends and purchase behaviour in the smartphone era

So next time you are planning to purchase a mobile or even remotely interested in seeing a variety of all the latest phones and accessories , be sure to check out the Univercell Sync store , now available in various cities across India.

Here are some of the shots I took during my visit to the Univercell Sync launch event :


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