Musical Melodies by D.Imman

Kollywood had its fair share of beautiful melodies thanks to three music directors . One of them was MS.Viswanathan, who was also titled “Mellisai Mannar”(King of Melodies). The remaining two was Ramamoorthy who usually paired up with M.S.Viswanathan and Isaignani Ilayaraja

These three people have single handedly responsible in defining film music, especially fantastic rhythms and melodies, that was permanently etched in the heart of its listeners. A.R.Rahman and Harris Jeyaraj were other two music directors who carved out their own mark in Tamil Film music but not entirely ventured into the melody genre.

However there’s one other music director, that has really caught the attention of melody and music lovers alike. He’s none other than D.Imman. A multi talented individual , Imman is a singer, composer and also a music director. His first album was for Tamizhan in 2002 that had some really good peppy numbers, perfectly suited to Vijay’s dance movements

Till date he has composed songs for more than 25 films and a sizable portion of them have become super hits. Some of them even have captured the #1 position for several weeks in the Music Blockbuster charts
His work in movies like Mynaa, Giri, Kumki and Jeeva has really struck a chord with his listeners. Though he doesn’t attract a huge fan base like Ilayaraja or A.R.Rahman, Imman still receives very positive response from music critics across the country.
His combinations with directors like Suseenthran and Prabhu Solomon however has worked very well compared to other music directors
One of his oldest compositions, Azhagiya Asura from the movie Whistle earned him the biggest fame and quick path to success, thanks to its peppy tune and lyrics.
Though he had composed some amazing numbers for Jeeva, Varutuha Padatha Vaalibar Sangam, Jilla and Jeeva, his biggest hit till date remains to be Kumki
The highlight of Kumki was however the song “Sollitaaley Ava Kaadhala”. A fantastic duet sung by Shreya Goshal and K.J.Ranjith with accompanying flutes and instruments, it was a complete bliss just to listen to it. Though many of his compositions had hangovers of his previous movies like Mynaa and Kumki, it was still beautiful to listen to.
The other song in Kumki that made a huge mark was “Onnum Puriyala”. With a deep vocal from Imman himself and a percussion in the background, this was something totally new in the genre of folk dance numbers. The visuals was set in the forest backdrops along with elephants and tall trees, it perfectly matched to the mood of the song. It was also one of those songs that established Imman as a good singer, apart from his music directorial skills
My other favourite songs of Imman in his entire discography would include : 
 Un mela oru Kannu – Rajini Murugan
  • Koodamela Koodavechi – Rummy
  • Paakadhe Paakadhe – Varutha padha vaalibar sangam
  • Oruthi Mele – Jeeva
  • Oodha Kalaru Ribbon – Varutha padha vaalibar sangam
  • Ovvondrai Thirudigarai – Jeeva
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