Climate Change Impact

Climate change is the process of unexpected shifts in temperature, weather and climate in a city than what is expected. For example , the north east monsoon brings in heavy rainfall over parts of southern India. When this fails or brings in relatively lower rainfall , it indicates to a changing global phenomenon that may affect the world. The same is true for the reverse as well. If the temperature is dreadfully low when it is supposed to be hot&humid or if it rains heavily with a flood situation when it should  have been cool and dry, it indicates a drastic climate change.

Scientists and researchers claim that climate change is the primary result of global warming.Global warming is defined as the increase of earth’s average surface temperature primarily due to the release of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, burning fossil fuels or even deforestation that. The average temperature of earth has risen by 1.4 degrees in the last 100 and further expected to increase by another 2.4 degrees in the next 100. Though the numbers look very small, it is enough to cause disastrous effects and have a permanent impact on earth

The meltdown of glaciers, ice caps in zones such as Artic and Antarctica have clearly demonstrated the rising effects of global warming. Forests across the world are vanishing fast and so are the species living inside them. Some have been mistaken that global warming can only cause rise in temperature, but in fact it can even cause the reverse, which is more dangerous

So here are some of the key impacts of Climate Change and Global Warming:

Extreme heat : Climate change can cause deaths due to extreme hot temperatures prevailing in many parts of the world including America and India. More than 300 people die every year because of heat strokes which is a direct result of extreme heat

Flooding : The recent flooding in Chennai, something the city hasn’t witnessed in over a 100 years is a definite indicator of the impact of climate change. People lost all their valuables, belongings and had to literally stay off grid for an entire week without food, water and electricity

Disease : These sudden shifts in climate change can cause diseases and health related problems. The body is usually adjusted to a certain temperature and any sudden changes in the natural climate can make the body be susceptible to diseases like fever, cough and cold

Droughts : On one hand you witness massive floods in cities, while other parts of the country may face severe droughts and lack of rainfall. Water resources gets dried up and this can result in severe national crisis.

Economy: The entire world economy is interconnected to the well-being of its citizens and availability of natural resources. Any threat to this can immediately cause a huge impact on the global economy

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