Top Fantastico Novels of Sidney Sheldon

Like most other people , Sidney Sheldon was one of the primary reasons, who gave me the reading habit at a very young age. I am so very grateful that I happened to discover his novels at a bookshop once and as on date, managed to read almost all his novels.

Sidney Sheldon is a no-nonsense writer. He doesnt waste time in describing the intricate beauty of the building or the person’s lipstick or handbag colour. His stories are literally page turners and very gripping. On an average, if a fiction takes about 1 week to finish, I can guarantee that a Sidney Sheldon novel can be easily finished in max 3 days, if not less.

With no exceptions, every one of his novels is fantastico and has a major impact on his readers, long after finishing the book. No other author has managed to replicate his pace, style of writing or plot twists and still remains to be a top selling author, long after his death.

Though having started off his career as a Broadway playwright and also a writer for TV sitcoms like I Dream of Jennie,he shifted towards writing romantic, suspense and thriller novels around the age of 50.

So here some of the top Fantastico Novels I’d highly recommend:

Bloodline : Slightly unlikely like his other novels, this book spans across generations and a saga of greed, murder and betrayals. The story revolves around a young lady who has been left with a huge estate and fortune by her late dad, who had died of mysterious circumstances. She now has to fight off her backstabbers, save her dad’s company and wealth and at the same bring justice to those who were responsible for it. Not knowing whom to trust, she also plays a manipulative game to get justice

Rage of Angels : Sidney Sheldon turns into a Grisham here, with his venture into law based thriller novel. An attorney’s life is turned upside down overnight, as she gets entangled with the Mafia. With political drams, courtoom proceedings and mafia killings, this is definitely a fantastic revenge thriller one should read.

Doomsday Conspiracy : As unpredictable as his twists, Sheldon has completely gone into an unexplored subject in fiction writing : Aliens. The central , Robert has been assigned a task by the National security agency to track down witnesses of a strange event. A mysterious object had crashed into the mountains and is suspected to be the beginning of alien invasion. As he runs from one city to another in search of witnesses, he uncovers another bigger conspiracy that can destroy the whole world.

Some of the other fantastic novels of Sidney Sheldon I might recommend would be : Nothing Lasts Forever,  If Tommorow comes, Master of the Game and the Best Laid Plans.

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