Top Fantastico Novels of Michael Crichton

My first visual experience of seeing a Dinosaur on screen was through Jurassic Park , directed by Steven Spielberg. I was spellbound at this fantastico film and couldn’t even imagine how one could have written or directed such a terrific movie of this scale,

Years later I came to know that this movie was actually written by an author called Michael Crichton. After reading all of his books, I can now convincingly say that he’s one of the best authors I’ve ever read. Not just for his style of writing, plots or story , but the way he mesmerizes his readers is totally something.

He has sold more than 200 million copies and one of the very few authors whose books have been adapted into Hollywood film. Some of them include Jurassic Park, Lost World, Disclosure and The Great Train Robbery

Though he died at an early age of 66, his books have made an indelible impact in his readers forever
Here are some Fantastico novels that you should definitely have in your collection :

State of Fear: A novel, that tries to disprove the myth of climate change and global warming, explains how everything is just a conspiracy started by energy companies. In this story, the hero tries to prevent an artificial Tsunami inside the sea floor initiated by a group of villains, who represent the energy company consortium’s interest. The ulterior motive of these villains is to show more causes of Global warming and thereby promote the energy companies, giving them ample profits. Crichton ends the novel with a beautiful line saying that “No amount of human interference can ever manipulate the nature and it is a force, far beyond the control of human beings”.

Disclosure: Crichton’s most explosive story on sexual harassments, Disclosure was adapted into a famous movie of the same name by Steven Spielberg. It shows how a woman boss sexually exploits a man, but still ends up shifting the case against him. The arguments against sexual exploitation by women has been beautifully put forth and demonstrated by Crichton in this fantastic novel. He also demonstrates the concept of virtual reality and the potential computer networks have through technology, back in 1994 itself. 
Airframe: Airframe was another such fantastico novel on complex scientific systems. The story revolves around a firm dealing with airline manufacturing and tries to investigate a potential malfunction in one of the company’s plane. The story has deep insights on the airline industry and definitely a thrill for aero enthusiasts. Be it slat deployments, digital flight data recorders  or proximity sensors, you get to know about them all. This scientific revenge plot is an excellent thriller and definitely a must read !
Some of other Crichton’s fantastico novels include : Next, Andromedia strain, Sphere and Prey
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