A Fantastico Series on Artificial Intelligence

There has been several movies and books that has attempted to explain the power of artificial intelligence. Usually what you get to see is a show where a complex system has been built in the shape of a robot .

This robot has a huge capacity to store complete data of the outside world and has the power to think on its own. It gets to do the orders issued by its master but as it learns it finally tries to overtake its master , not listen to its orders and even end up killing the creator. A hero finally comes and destroys the robot and ends up giving a moral discourse on how human intelligence is better than artificial intelligence in computers

Having seen all this, the search for the most accurate Artificial Intelligence show is finally here. This fantastico series is titled Person of Interest and it’s written by none other than Jonathan Nolan, brother of the famous director Christopher Nolan. Jonathan known for his famous screenplays and scripts especially for movies like Batman, Dark Knight, Inception etc has written and directed this exceptional TV show

The show has a very interesting premise and has a screenplay that makes it very relevant to the current scenario prevailing in many countries. Several countries have a practice of listening to phone calls and snooping on data/phone messages/emails etc and the show has clearly brought out these practices but also justifies that it’s done only to protect its citizens and prevent crimes

In this show, the protagonist builds a system called “The Machine” which possess the ability to predict if a person is going to commit a crime or going to be the victime by listening to phone calls, watching them and reading their messages. This prediction can alert the authorities to prevent the crime from happening.

This Fantastico show gets more technical as the seasons progress and only gets better by the day. A terrific acting by the lead actors, fight sequences with a predictive input provided by the Machine and a gripping screenplay are some of the key highlights of the show.

Person of Interest has won many awards and continues its revival in the fifth season. Each episode has a different case where the hero has to judge whether the “person of interest” is the victim or perpetrator and prevent any crime from happening without approaching him directly. Owing to its excellent tech content, it has been highly rated by Tech Geeks and youngsters who love to watch Science Fiction. This is one of the very few shows, where the creators has made it a point to be accurate in its facts and debates the pros and cons of the artificial surveillance system that’s rampant everywhere in a neutral fashion

The show features Michael Emerson(of Lost fame) as the hacker and Jim Caviezel as the hero. Amy Acker as a hacker and  Sarah Shahi as a contract killers makes the show even more power packed.

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