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So you worked a lot for past years, saved quite a bit of money and bought that dream smartphone you have been wanting all along. There was a sale in your nearby store, and you just couldn’t resist the temptation to get it immediately.

Now that you’ve got it, you are quite unsure what to install and what not to . You’ve seen those several friends of yours playing peppy games in their mobile, be it racing or action or strategy games. You login to the Google playstore and find yourself dumbfounded. Some have high ratings but not to your liking, while there are some which you really like but are extremely expensive to buy. After all its a virtual game and you are thinking twice whether to buy it or not.

So based on my experience of using a high end smartphone for about 2years, I have carefully noted and listed down some peppy & interesting games for your mobile. Some may be heavy in size while some may be a small one ,but nevertheless all games given below are free or almost cost a bare minimum

Hill Climb racing : A peppy game where one has to climb through a hill among tough obstacles and reach the destination before the fuel runs Out. It gets very addictive as you purchase more cars and unlock more venues by the coins you have earned.
Cost : Free

Asphalt 8 : One of the best “Free” games in the play store, this is a high action racing game that has spectacular graphics, venues and even faster cars. With manual and automatic transmission modes, enjoy a game of fast racing in exotic locations as you tilt your phone to turn that car into the sharp corners and race to be the winner. A definite have in your phone if you have a large memory phone. The game can easily take up around 1.5 GB of your phone memory. So be watchful of your mobile download limit while downloading and also your remaining storage space
Cost : Free

Think : This interesting strategy and brain game shows you interesting cars that lets you guess the object/movie/person. As the levels increase , you find the going a little tough as the deduction based on multiple cards can be very tricky and not as straightforward as you thought. Put on your thinking hats and let your brains do the talking as you proceed through the interesting levels.  The clock is ticking, so get moving fast
Cost : Free

Radical Rapelling :
This is one of the best games I’ve recently downloaded from the playstore and should admit its super fun and peppy. You find yourself to be a climber from a huge mountain as you race against time , before the volcano comes crashing down on you . You hardly have more than a second before you move on to the next rock and watch out for those sharp objects that can instantly kill you.
Cost : Free

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