A Fantastico Trip

You travel across the world in search of happiness and one day you come back home to find it very much waiting for you all the time. I had adored this quote all my life and made it a motto to discover new places in my home country first before venturing out and exploring different countries
One such fantastico experience was when I had the option to travel to Rajasthan for an entire week.
The tour included a trip across the Golden Triangle cities and a few other cities. This consisted of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer and Pushkar
Each city has its own style, charm and embodies a completely different culture. The deserts basically starts from Jodphur and goes north towards Jaisalmer

Jaipur , the city of palaces is predominantly painted in Pink and no wonder it earns the nickname , City of Pink. The city welcomes you with the massive Jaipur fort, Hawa Mahals, Amir Fort and of course the beauty city palace. You are greeted with a sense of  buzz that you dont experience in any other city in India. A slow paced life amidst a frenzied city can be quite an interesting combination
A walk down the magnificent forts helps you visualize the gallant wars fought over these regions. Several kings had ruled in these forts and their mass weaponry is proudly installed to display their bravery. The city is a historians playground as he can proudly cherish every second spent here. 
Jodhpur ,300 kms away from Jaipur is a much more subdued but a far beautiful city than Jaipur. Its cleaner, calm and has a tranquilty that one really wants these days. Yet another fort city, Jodhpur’s main attractions include  Mehrangarh fort, the lavish Umaid Bhawan palace and their famous desert safaris. Of course , a trip to Jodhpur is incomplete without relishing their food. The delicious samosa, thick lassi among other things are some of the must eat items
So whats a trip that doesn’t come with shopping.. Jodhpur has a lot of street vendors selling very interesting items including jewellery, spices, bangles, traditional clothes and some nice handloom souvenirs
Jaisalmer was the third and the most important destination in our fantastico tour. The land of the desert, this magnificent old city has some breathtaking scenery especially from the Jaisalmer fort, Hawelis and the monumets
Being very close to the desert, a camel ride especially during sunset is a memorable experience one should try. I had a chance to speak to the locals as well joined in their dance to a local song, which made it a very special one.
The fantastico elements in this trip primarily included the long drives from Jaipur to Jodhpur and Jodhpur to Jaisalmer, tasting the awesome local food, bargaining in the local street shops and of course live in the middle of the desert in a tiny hut !
What was your fantastic experience? Do comment about it

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