Airlift – A real impact

After a long deliberation I finally decided to watch the recent Akshay Kumar thriller movie, Airlift. I should admit it blew all my expectations away. During a time when  all the other movies are either brainless sex comedies or boring family drams , Airlift was my only choice left. Directed by Raja Krishna Menon, the movie also Nimrat Kaur, Purab Kohli, Lena in key roles
The movie is set in the year 1990, right at the time Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait primarily for oil and nearly destroyed most of the city. All the local people were shot dead , while the Indians and other nationals were held as captive prisoners. This was a sensitive subject for an Indian film to take on, but the director went past all expectations
Being impacted largely by the events surrounding those two days of invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, Raja Krishna Menon had wisely chosen a smart script that’ll impact everyone who’s watching the movie itself
With a gripping screenplay and only couple of songs, the movie is the perfect hit Bollywood was looking for a long time.Already receiving critical praise from all the media across, Airlift spares no one as it depicts the exact ground conditions in Kuwait, hardships faced by 1,20,000 Indians and of course the inefficiency of the Indian ministry to help the people stranded from the hands of Iraqis
Airlift has created not only for its viewers but in the industry itself. It has set a new standard for action/thriller movies, esp based on true stories and seamlessly showing the ground reality . The supporting actor’s role for the Joint secretary of India also convincingly played his part when he had to jump through bureaucracies and red-tapes before he could finally get an audience with the ministers.
You can’t help but feel for the terrible lives people had in the Gulf region in the past decades and the very little help they received from their own government. Though it’s a war based movie, it has really inspired its audience and admire the real person who fought for the hundred thousand stranded Indians, provided food and shelter , while negotiating with the Iraqis to allow a safe passage for their return back to the country
A lot of people like me , came back and actually started reading about the war and other events that happened during the 1990’s in Kuwait and other Gulf regions. The government has too reacted sharply and come out in defense of its activities during those times. To me this is the one true impact of a movie that everyone’s talking about as it paints a wave of patriotism across us when the movie ends . Its very rare to see such a brilliantly made movie esp in Bollywood and a strong recommendation for all you people to watch it in theater and support such good movies
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