Magic of Arijit Singh’s Music

Ever since I heard Tum Hi Ho from Aashiqui 2, I fell in love with it immediately.  The tune, the the music, the lyrics and more importantly the fantastic voice behind it.. I was told that it was a newcomer and this guy had an awesome talent and a fantastic rare voice. That was the first time I discovered the magic of Arijit Singh.

Without doubt all his subsequent songs were a massive hit and a craze. He suddenly became popular overnight and was the most preferred singer for all music directors, with his magical voice.
He won several awards like Filmfare, IIFA etc and became the pet child of the bollywood industry’s directors.

Luckily all his songs have turned out to be fantastico, and I cant go without a day listening to his favourite tracks in my music player. The voice has a charm , a rawness and a pleasant feeling that can make you relate to the song completely. Even if you dont know the language , it really doesnt matter. Music has no barriers and his songs are a perfect example of it. It transcends language and cultural barriers and transforms you into a world filled with peace, serenity and happiness

My favourite tracks of Arijit Singh are as follows

Tum Hi Ho: Naturally his best track till date, Arijit Singh owns the song completely from start to finish. This beautiful sad yet melodious song has swept away not only the awards but also the hearts of all the people. The best thing about this music track is that even after 2 years of its release, it still remains a track and will go on to be an evergreen melody

Phir Le Aaya Dil – Burfi  :  Another fantastic track from the movie Barfi, this another sad melody from Arijit is very soothing and calls for repeating listening. The visuals have complimented the song in a beautiful way adding more richness to it . The rawness of his voice, with a slight keyboard in the background makes it a perfect combo. He starts off in a melancholic note, and midway the song shifts to a bright melody instantly lifting the mood of its listeners.

Main Rang Sharbaton Ka : A fantastic cheerful melody from a not so famous movie,Phata Poster Nikhla Hero, this is a pure gem. It went away without much notice initially but after its discovery it went up #1 in the charts, despite the movie getting bombed at the box office. This was a slightly different song from his usual melancholic melodies, but nevertheless Arijit gave full justice to it

Wat Wat Wat – Tamasha : Imagine Arijit Singh, a singer known for pure melodies being asked to sing an out and out Punjabi song by the maestro A.R.Rahman. Yes, this interesting combination and dare completely paid off as it gave a whole new touch to a Punjabi bhangra song . It was fresh , different and most of all completely enjoyable. Of course a Rahman’s song can never go wrong right?

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