The Name is Rajnikanth – An Impact of the Superstar phonemenon

From six to sixty years, there’s noone in Tamil Nadu who is not a crazy fan of Super Star Rajinikanth. He’s not merely a star but a phenomenon, a living legend who has been adored like anything by people . Since Day 1 of his acting career, he’s been recognized and elevated to a super star icon shortly by his fans.
His style,charisma, acting and of course dialogues has largely impacted almost everyone. You’d still find small kids in streets,  reenacting his lines and swishing the hand in the air like him
His Oru Thadavai Sonna Nooru Thadava Sonna Mathiri dialogue is the most popular of them all , which came out 21 years ago. A movie that came out more than two decades ago still fresh in the minds of the people stands testament to his supreme popularity among the masses

Tamil cinema industry has seen plenty of heroes come and go in the past 20-30 years , but hardly 3-4 people have stood rock solid in their place and commanded a popularity and awe that noone else could even think of.  These people included Sivaji, MGR, Kamal Hassan and of course Super Star Rajini Kanth

Rajini , the name that can send goosebumps and sends a shiver in your body, is the most followed, highest earned actor in south east asia. Quite surprisingly after his movie Muthu and Veera was released, he began to have a fan following in Japan and other South East Asian countries as well. Almost 99% of his movies have been super hits and some of them include Basha, Annamalai, Muthu, Padayappa, Sivaji , Chandramukhi and of course Enthiran The Robot.

One of the primary reasons why he has a loyal following which no actor can command is his simplicitly. A no nonsense actor ,he doesn’t command extra luxury or throws a fit when things go wrong. A man known for his impeccable behaviour both on and off the sets, a man even time can fear for being spot on at the given time, he’s given the super star status not because of his movies, but out of sheer respect
One great thing about his movie is the impact it creates. Be it the song lyrics that spread social awareness and communicates the need to do good deeds and respect  people, his movie is also a great impact on the society as a whole to spread goodwill. His impact in us is forever and it can never be erased nor replaced with anyone else
A movie release of his is not just any other event. Its celebrated as a mini festival where people burst crackers, take off the entire day from office, and pull every string possible to secure those first day first show tickets. Once you are in the theatre, the fun begins as people expect with excited breaths on catching the title credits which flashes Rajni’s name in a rocking sound that can beat any rock concert in the world. The movie is preceded by bursting of crackers and garlanding the posters with much fanfare. Maybe a perfect case study for any of you aspiring management grads on his rise to stardom and how he manages to retain his throne forever
Of course. The name is Rajnikanth !!
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