Navigation in the Dark

Among all organs within us, eyes are one of the best gifts god has blessed with, to a lot of us. They have a sole responsibility to visually experience anything , seeing colours, understand and read emotions, body language of people and basically navigate us in the right path

Unlike flights, in life there is no autopilot option to steer our direction automatically. It’s upon the sole reliability of our eyes to navigate correctly without tripping over or hitting anyone else. Eyesight is a huge asset that has to be protected with a lot of critical care. It can never be taken lightly as even a slight impact can lead to disastrous results

Some of the things one can do to protect eyes :
Eat a lot of vitamin A rich foods like carrots that can add nutrition and aids in better natural eyesight
While driving ,one should wear a glass or a fully covered helmet to ensure its full protected against stones/dust or even harmful gases that can cause irritation to the sky
Keep washing the face and eyes regularly
Regular Eye checks up certainly help in ensuring your eye is certainly protected and healthy
Ice cubes and cucumbers placed over the eyes can lead to a cooling effect which is a great refresher
The best exercise one can give for the eyes is to give it maximum rest by sleeping. As much sleep as you can find, it can restore the functions better and give it a well deserved break for your eyes. Sleep depravity causes dark circles under the eyes, red bloated lines and a puffiness that can really make you feel drowsy and weak. You cant see things clearly and will have a poor vision. Navigation can be the first thing that’ll get impaired due to poor vision
Even in the smallest drop in light can cause the eye to squint trying to make it look or read harder. This adds additional pressure to the eyesight and can increase its power. So sufficient light is always needed for reading. Books with larger fonts is also preferred

Have you ever wondered how much we struggle to navigate when there’s a power cut but the blind can easily walk through the main roads and streets with very less help. Their sense of navigation is on a far higher level though they cant see the road actually. With the help of a stick, and counting the steps, they can really find their way easily and strangely we rely on them during power cuts to navigate around our own house

A recent store called “Dialogues in the Dark” opened in the third floor of Express Avenue Mall, Chennai is aiming to illustrate and experience this in a beautiful way and a highly recommended for everyone to try it out. This helps you understand how the blind navigate and you get to live in their shoes for that time

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