A Peppy Mix

Music is my religion and its something that has fuelled me to keep going even in times of adversity. It doesn’t matter which kind of music its playing , but I need some music in the background when I’m working or studying to channel my energy into whatever i’m doing.
I am a fan of wide variety of genre and not basically restricted listening to only a certain type of songs. Some may prefer a carnatic based song , while some bass heads prefer the loud banging death metal or hard rock music. Teenage girls usually go in for Lady Gaga/Backstreet Boys/Britney Spears and other famous pop singers. My preferences though varied, my top favourite however would be A.R.Rahman
Rahman’s songs are unique , peppy and something you havent heard before . The two time Oscar award winner has really rolled out some amazing songs in his 25+ years in the music industry
So here’s a list of some of my favourite songs of Rahman in no specific order

1. Mental Manadhil – OK Kanmani
A peppy song right from the start, this was an instant hit with so much energy, fantastic lyrics and complimented with Rahman’s voice himself
2. Thalli Pogadhey
A single from the yet to be released movie Acham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada, this peppy track has the hit the #1 position within minutes of it being released. This song , sung by the audacious Sid Sriram is addicitive , has beautiful vocals and an even better tune
3. Munbe Vaa
A  peppy tune that took nearly 6 months for Rahman to compose, this fantastic melody sung by Shreya Goshal and Naresh Iyer is enchanting, pleasing and makes everyone forget all their troubles. The picturization for the song is definitely a plus for this song’s popularity as well
4. Kannathil Mutthamittal
A song that’ll haunt Rahman’s fans for several decades to come, this is an amazing song sung by Chinmayi and Jayachandiran. Its tune is really haunting and keeps ringing in your ears long after its over. Incidentally the film and its music swept away all the national awards presented by the government
5.Kathal Rojave
A song that revolutionized the music industry, Rahman’s first composition as a music director was this fantastic piece . Starting off as a melancholy it quickly turns into a beautiful enchanting melody with the vocals in the right place. Song set in a Kashmir backdrop against the snow certainly adds more beauty to the already lovely song. One really wondered how on earth a person could have even come up with this amazing song. Till date, any Rahman fan’s first choice of song of his discography would be Kathal Rojave. The Mani Rathnam –Rahman combo probably had the perfect startingpoint with this album
I’m sure there are hundreds of songs which could have made into this list, but I have merely listed the songs that were on top of my mind

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