Impact of Love and Relationships

The thing that worries and impacts you especially during your teenage are relationships, crushes and love. A famous quote says, True love can be found only once. If its let go, you can never find it again. You may have to settle for the rest as you worry about the one true love you always had. Any other person whom you can love after that can never equate to the one you loved first

This relationship had something special, magical and an aura around it. Everything fell into place with your love and you didn’t need to take much effort to get things moving.
That twinkle in her eyes, her reverberating laughter, a distinct smell and the long flowing hair that brushes your face is something to die for. Its difficult if not impossible to forget the magical time during your first love. The impact it had in your life is huge as every decision you took revolved around it. Your life basically lived for that love and believed it could be forever.

At some point of time you find small cracks in that relationship. Small meaningless fights began growing into larger fights and there was no end to it. There were always disagreements and you keep recollecting the first time things went downward and had any signs of trouble.
For some who are lucky the relationship can indeed a lifetime and can be a forever together relationship. While some may not be very lucky in love due to a lot of misgivings and can breakup midway. It can be a painful process and at the end of the day both of them are unhappy about the way things went. Even if one person had tried working it out, it may have been better and the relationship could have been saved

The impact of a broken relationship can be quite tough on the guy. He goes through a very bad heartbreak, depression and a lifetime of sorrow. He’ll be brooding over it for quite some time and takes several years to come out of it. Even if he gets into a new relationship, he knows fully well that things will never be the same and he has to accept reality the way it is

Impact of good relationships however, also has positive effects. It helps in refining the person in a better way and prepares him for life. It brings out the good things inside a person and makes him more caring, affectionate and more of all know how to love a person with all his heart
Love can be a good thing when you are in one ,but not when you look back it. It only leads to bad memories as the strain and ache of not being with them can be even worse.

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