Impact of Spielberg

Movies is not merely a part of entertainment but also an art. The art of filmmaking is one of the most toughest jobs in the world as it warrants widespread criticism , reviews both positive and negative and witnessed by millions of people across the world. This powerful medium can a far reaching impact on so many aspects in life and hence one should realize its full potential when you create a movie. Yes you don’t simple direct or produce a movie. You are its creator which can be the main thing which people heed to.
Movies are classified into so many genres that include action, thriller, drama, romance, musical, comedy and even war.  What you convey through a movie is the most important aspect of filmmaking and not necessarily the story, acting surrounding it. There are very few filmmakers who has realized its potential and had captured the essence of a real film . When it comes to direction and filmmaking, the names that stand out include Steven Spielberg , James Cameron, Akira Kurosawa, Alfred Hitchcock and Mani Rathnam. Each person has their own style while creating a film . So when you begin to see a film ,you can probably spot their signature all over it
One of the most impactful directors I’d ever consider is Steven Spielberg. Having directed a huge collection of amazing movies, Steven Spielberg has created a widespread impact in so many people not only in the film industry but across millions of people world over.
Be it his Jurassic Park that brought to life giant dinosaurs or his thrilling Indiana Jones series that made people witness amazing adventures or even the terrifying Jaws movie that actually created a sense of fear against sharks
One of his most standout movie that made a huge impact in me was Schindler’s List. A movie set in the World War II time, it was a true moving story about a guy called Oscar Schindler . A German industrialist,  Oscar schindler single handedly tried to save several thousands of Jews being shot down by the Germans, provided them food and employment and also sometimes provided safe passage across to escape the invading German armies. He spent all his money towards upliftment and feeding/protecting the Jews and It’s a story that actually moved me so much and created a massive impact in myself. I couldn’t believe that one could actually make such a powerful movie bringing out the message in such a beautiful manner. No one except Speilberg could have created such a marvel
One another movie that I may have been impacted as well was his famous Saving Private Ryan. Again set in the WWII times, it was about a group of army officers in search of a particular soldier amidst the Britain-Germany battlezones. It effectively brought out the intense war situations that prevailed in those times and it even earned the prestigious President’s Medal and became fully tax-free

What Steven Spielberg has taught me is that when you create something it shouldn’t just convey that message clearly or achieve its objective but rather make an impact in everyone’s lives
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