A Fantastico Racing Superhero

One of the most watched sports next to soccer and cricket is Formula 1. Shortly called as F1 , It has become a phenomenon in the racing world. A sport that has given a whole different meaning to speed and time, F1 is one of the most thrilling sports that I’ve ever come across. The innumerable curves, the high G-force that impacts the drivers and the top 350+ kms speed racers achieve in a short race track adds to the highlight of the sport. Yes it costs billions of dollars for companies to build a racing team but once done , it becomes a phenomenon. One of the biggest talking names of this sport is naturally Michael Schumacher. A legend in the sport , his racing titles are something no one could ever overtake or achieve and the things he has done in the sport is simply Fantastico.
Be it the back to back 5-6 racing champsionships or the constant podium finishes for his favourite team, Ferrari, Schumacher is always a legend when it comes to this sport. With a charming smile that encompasses all the greatness he’s built of , Michael Schumacher embodies not only the spirt of the game but also to life itself. Born a prodigy, Schumacher had a beautiful self motivated attitude, a challenging mindset and a calmness even in the toughest of situations that led him to win all the titles he could ever dream of.
He single handedly uplifted the image of Ferrari by his powerful driving skills as he drove through the finish times in record times. He was not only looked up by budding racers as a racing superhero but also as a role model by almost everyone. It didn’t really matter what he accomplished in the sport but by the way he did it.
A will to win, a Fantastico attitude and a determination to win made him a Genius all along. One may have seen even little kids driving their cycles along the streets proudly calling themselves as Michael Schumacher as they raced over each other. There may have been countless winners in F1’s history including Ayerton Senna, Lewis Hamilton and  Sebastian Vettel but no one was able to overshadow the achievements of this great racing superhero.
People like a Michael Schumacher have a natural talent and flair inside themselves that distinguishes their greatness from normal people. There was one particular incident that actually made me give him immense respect. It was during a race and he was currently in second position while Ruben Barrichello, his team mate was in first. Ruben was asked to slow down and allow Michael Schumacher to overtake take first place. Schumacher despite winning that race asked Ruben to take up the first podium position and he himself stood second . This was an act of immense greatness and I was able find newfound respect for this phenomenal Fantastico guy
Having met with an accident , Schumacher is in a recovering mode and my thoughts go out to him for a speedy recovery.

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