God of Music

I think there are scours of articles written on music, especially Indian film music in the blogging hemisphere. Yet according to me its never complete without me blogging about my icon of music, A.R.Rahman. A man so simple, down to earth , unassuming and yet is the winner of two Oscar awards is something no one could have guessed in their wildest dreams. 

Having created such powerful revolutionary music in the field of Indian music, one cant really not wonder how he was able to create some magic in the form of music.

Until the 1990s, Tamil film music was largely restricted to soft melodies or fast dance numbers . There was not much variety which you could really expect from music albums .Everything changed overnight when Mani Rathnam discovered A.R.Rahman and asked him to compose the music for his latest film Roja. People were literally blown away by the kind of music Rahman composed for the film. It was something so incredibly fresh, peppy and most of all innovative. They had never heard anything like that before and they knew this was something they were waiting all their life.
Rahman’s genius relied on his simplicity of songs, his variety of music and most of all able to understand what people liked. No two albums of his was alike and he was someone one couldn’t guess what his next album was like.
Over the years, his impact just grew several folds as he began churning out music which completely blew people away. Some of his movies like Dil Se, Roja, Jeans, Indian, Kannathil Mutthamittal was revolutionary to say the least. Cassettes, CD’s just flew off the shelves as he was elevated to a god status by the youth of the nation
He was the most sought after musicians the country had ever produced and was compared across other Indian geniuses like Sachin Tendulkar, Vishwanathan Anand and the likes. He was a pride of the country and was lovingly called the Mozart of Madras.
To me his music is like a religion which I worship with a huge fervor. It feeds my inner soul and always keeps me calm, composed and allows me to tackle any difficult situation. With the power of a Rahman song I can almost handle situation in the world. Sometimes I may have even shed a tear or two listening to his amazing music as I was drowned in those musical waves that swept across me.
Rahman created history when he was selected to compose the music for a Hollywood film called Slumdog Millionaire and he was elevated to a whole new level when he uttered those “Ella Pughazum Iraivanuke” while receiving two prestigious Oscar awards. To me he’s just not a musician but rather an inspiration , icon and an amazing man whom I can always look upto

God Bless A.R.Rahman

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