Best Earphones for Music

For some listening to music is a hobby. For some music is a medicine that they take whenever they need to get out of a depression or loneliness. For some music is their life. They devote their entire careers in music, be it through playing an instrument or even taking up a playback singer career
For me music is a bit about everything. I can actually take it to be offensive if some one calls music to be just an hobby or past time for them. Music has the potential to make a huge impact in me and I have seen the difference quite visibly. So to me listening to music transports to altogether another world devoid of pressures, problems and anything else that is bothering me. For some even a cheap 100rs earphone/headphone is sufficient to listen to music as they are least worried about the bass,treble and equalizing effects of the song. As long as they can hear the lyrics and the song tune, that’s more than sufficient. I cant stop myself from comparing them to the ones who watch a movie in a pirated camera print than watching it in theatre or in an original DVD

So when my old earphones finally gave in, it was time for me to start looking out for a good earphone and headphone ,within my budget of 1000-1500. This can be an ardeal task for several reasons. There’s a huge variety of headphones in this budget and you are basically spoilt for choices. Some brands may come with a specific design you like while some come with better features which you also want it in the same earphones. So choosing an earphone with all features, great design and yet should fit in your budget is nearly an impossible task. Even if you miraculously find such an earphone, a price comparison across physical stores alongside 10 other e-commerce sites can be a major time consuming effort too

I have been struggling to narrow down to a specific earphone from a list of 4-5, primarily because of conflicting reviews. As a serious music listener I need to take into account the reviews of people using these headphones and more often I get completely contrasting reviews for the same. While some says it’s a great looking earphone with excellent bass and rates it 5 stars, another says he can barely hear any treble or bass and doesn’t last longer.

Even if you happen to choose an earphone that has positive reviews, its either too expensive or you may be reluctant in choosing a lesser known brand. So after months and months of researching and googling, I managed to select 3-4 and add them to my wishlist.

These include the Sennheiser CX 180 streeet earphones, Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB30EX, Sennheiser MX180 ,JBL T200A and SoundMagic ES18S. All of them cost anywhere from 700-1400 and equally good in their own aspects. Maybe one day I might just go in blindly with theSony Extra Bass MDR-XB30EX for its brand reputation, high bass effect and warranty cover

So if you are in the process of choosing a good bass earphones , you should definitely go in for one of these only

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