Impact of Influencers

A recent non-fictional book I read recently gave me serious thought provoking questions to ponder over for several days. It was a book called Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell which has a rather unusual plot line

Tipping Point is about how one person in a group can be the key person to make things happen and can be quite dependable to tip the balancing scale in your favour. He may not be a rich or politically motivated guy or anything, but he always has the right connections, leverage the right kind of influence across several people in different areas of life and get things done and leave a large impact
These selected people are termed as influencers who can have a huge impact in the way things are done across social circles. When you think about it, right from school,college days or even in office, these influencers usually stand out and can visibly make a large impact in a current situation. They may not be the ones to lead and rather prefer to stand in the sidelines but silently get things done , probably over a couple of phone calls.

This is quite evident in politics where these influencers or also called as King Makers where they happen to decide who should be in power, who would be the next in line and also play a crucial part in tipping the elections to one’s favour. These influencers can elicit an approval even when odds are against their favours through their smooth talking and leveraging their influence. Yet their names won’t be mentioned in the media, magazines, news or papers. They work actively, connect with a lot of people and have an inborn influencing authority to delegate work.

Next time when your boss refuses to accept a given request for a time-off or your teachers refuse to extend a homework deadline, send in your influencers. High chances are that you may probably get the whole week off or your teachers may even cancel that important homework that was assigned. Such is the impact of one influencer

I recall having large plans with my friends to go to some nice holiday destinations during annual vacation period. But so with every group, there are always one or two people in a group who refuse or never confirm due to family reasons or monetary reasons. This one person can discourage other people as well to drop out of the plan. So I had a chance with one of my friend, who according to me is the perfect Influencer and he single handedly convinced everyone in the group to accept the plan. The tour went really really thanks to him who had a massive impact on all of us.

I remember a famous dialogue in Breaking Bad TV series when the lawyer says “ I know a guy who knows a guy, who knows a guy”. That to me is a perfect representation of the Influencer

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