It’s a Fantastico Life

You’ve seen countless of proverbs that begins with “Life is short” when you read up on inspirational quotes. We’ve been blessed with a life that can be as adventurous it can be. You have no idea what’s going to  happen tomorrow or for that matter the next hour, minute or even the next second
It is completely unpredictable and the responsibility is only on you to make it matter and enjoy it to the fullest. There’s no point regretting at a later stage of your life of the things you have missed out all along or always wanted to do.

As a basic rule for leading a Fantastico life, you need to start living in the moment and enjoy yourself as if there’s no tomorrow. This may not mean you spend everything you have or not care about anything in life, but rather within your limits, enjoy the benefits and happiness bestowed upon you to make it a meaningful happy life.

This poses a classic case of people with and without money. Those not having any money, have plenty of time, yet can’t enjoy themselves because they can’t afford it. While rich people may have everything to spend on, but don’t have the time to even enjoy the things they have purchased. Life offers a double edged sword which has to be used in a balanced way to make use of it completely.
So what are the things you can do to enjoy a Fantastisco Life

Take as many vacations as you can. A golden rule in corporate work is that there’s no better time to take a vacation than now. So when you have planned for a trip, execute it at any cost even if there are important meetings or appointments scheduled. Everything or everyone can wait for that few more days until your vacation is over

When you are being invited to a social gathering or party or any event, go for it without giving lame excuses that you are tired or not interested to go anywhere. These events give you a chance to let your hair down, meet new people and engage in vivid conversations with a lot of people.
Try out on new experiences when you go to a new city or place than being hesitant. If it’s the roller coaster in that theme park or a night safari in the zoo or a bungee jumping or even scuba diving in the coral reefs, jump into the queue without hesitation. Such opportunities will never come twice and you need to grab it whenever it comes

For some people who had too much of adventurous activities, go back home, lie down on the bed and read a new book or listen to your favourite music as you drift away to a calm, relaxed sleep. What better way to enjoy A fantastic life than a peaceful undisturbed sleep?

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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